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Welcome to the Outcast Open-Tibia 7.6 Server!

Outcast is an old Tibia OT server registered roughly 18 years ago at and mainly created for those who love the atmosphere and gameplay of the ancient, yet glamorous and fascinating Tibia 7.6. To get started, create an account and download the Outcast Client. For more information about the server and the community, read through the rules and guides section and check out the forum boards as well. Have fun searching through the wild lands of the Outcast server!

Posted by: God qut on 9.9.2022

Enchantments, Updated Areas & Access

General Updates
-Level 1 & 2 Enchantments were added for both: the Hoodoo & Neptune Sets
-Level 1 Enchantments for the Staff of Moses & the Sharanga Bow were added
-By completing XP Graves (6/6), a final bonus worth 3x XP Graves is given
-You can now teleport to Temple by clicking an XP Grave 5 times after finding it
-Abyss 2: Methuselah & Elder Ophi Cellar has been redesigned completely
-Added a new Checkpoint to Boss Run 3: Wrath of the Achernar at Farmlands
-The Checkpoint can be accessed by walking over the legendary Red Carpet
-Removed the ability to combine Neptune and Pulsating/Psychean Neptune parts
-Complete Pulsating/Psychean Neptune Set now highers attack speed by default
-Players now attack Alpha Monks automatically on login in all training spots
-!book command now purchases the Book of Adventures directly into the bag
-Players do not get PZ locked when attacking their own party members anymore
-Its now possible to target players in party and attack them without red fist
-Lowered difficulty of Obsidian Tool, Cyclip Balls & Roc Head Lvl 2 Enchantments
-Slightly highered the loot rate of Regeneration Tool Level 2 colored Ewer items
-Decay times on Xarptor, Vermithrax & Orbithrax bodies were slightly highered
-Highscores now show data regarding important bestiary monster kill counts
-Parashu, Kaladanda, Nandaka weapons are by default Enchanted to Level 1-3
-This auto knight weapon enchantment is only happening during the testing period
-Knight Enchantment formula is heavily based on Full Atk, Skills & Player Level
-Exevo Gran Vis Lux damage has been lowered when a player is in PvP Attack Mode
-All Axe, Sword, Club, Stealth & Time Rings were removed from Players & Houses
-Added a new 30 min Epsilon Ring, it combines Goldilocks, Berserker & Pulsating
-Added a Grave Hunters highscore, it tracks all graves & scopes shown in !graves

We are moving towards an epic amount of new wild content updates! :)

Posted by: God qut on Sunday

EXP Raids and Other Events On Sunday!

EXP RAID, the ultimate level catch-up event for new & old players

EXP Raid
What is an EXP Raid?

EXP Raid is a once in a life time event where anyone who joins it will be able to gain a great amount of levels with not much effort. The event only happens every Sunday evening and it is designed to provide a catch-up mechanism for new players at low & mid-levels, so EXP and Levels can be gained with very little effort just by shooting the raid monsters and hanging around with your friends at the raid area. :)

The best way to maximize all the benefits of the EXP Raid is to arrive at the area an hour or two before it begins, as we usually start blasting out EXP Raid monsters in the form of a pre-raid event much earlier than the official event begins. Bring all of your characters at the event site and ask to join someones party, all you need to do is hang around and you will start gaining levels! Bring a mage, paladin and a knight as well if you want to try each vocation out to decide which one you'll start playing as you will gain levels on every character that you bring to the event area.

The Pre-raid event begins an hour or two before the official EXP Raid, so it is best to join as early as possible. The actual EXP Raid lasts for 30 minutes once it has begun and its the event that you never want to miss out on, and after that we start moving towards the Post-Raid events.

EXP Raid Countdown (Sunday)

Win or Earn EXP Boosts & Points!
How can I win stuff?

We organize various events on a daily basis: You can join public questing sessions that are organized by high-level players or Gamemasters, and usually the rewards include Shop Points and whatever reward the quest itself has. Zombie Events also happen multiple times a day, and joining them is a great way to get a chance to win some points, gear and XP Boost runes. The Gamemasters also organize events on a daily basis, where players have to message back to to them as soon as they see a message, and whoever manages to be quick will win hundreds of Shop Points as a reward. The ability to win XP Boosts, Gear and Points also becomes much higher during EXP Raids, especially after them when various special types of events and giveaways are organized. :)

Post-Raid Special Events
What are the post-raid events?

By Post-Raid events we mean all types of events that happen right after the actual EXP Raid has ended. This includes Zombie & PvP Event, X Type Raids & Item Giveaways. X Type Raids mean extremely challenging raids where some of the strongest bosses on the server attack various cities, and the players have to survive the onslaught. Special PvP Events on the other hand are always organized in the PvP training area, and everyone logs on a 150 level Mage with full Equipment (The characters at PvP Training area are always level 150 and include full Equipment), rewards at the end of the PvP Event include once again hundreds of Shop Points. :)

These events will also be streamed on, Youtube & Facebook, the recording will be saved for later viewing on each platform. - EXP Raid & Zombie Event
- The events will be streamed live on (Click Here)
- You can view Youtube clips from here.

Come grab a few easy levels and great loot during the EXP raid with us!

Posted by: God qut on 29.7.2022

A couple of more things for the Mages

General Updates
-Added a new protective spell for Mages called Utamo Armorus
-Armorus Spell works for 2 minutes and has a 2 minute Cooldown after
-The spell adds % damage protection & damage output reduction
-Statistics regarding the spell can be found inside default chat
-Executing Utamo Vita manashield spell now toggles it ON & OFF
-Utamo Vita stays ON indefinitely until it is executed once again
-Exevo Water Swish wave spell was changed to Exevo Vita Hydro Hur
-Exevo Mort Swish wave spell was changed to Exevo Vita Vis Hur
-Exevo Gran Mas Mort UE spell was changed to Exevo Gran Mas Flam
-Exevo Gran Mas Frigo now does Avalanche animation instead of Fire
-Wave spell mana costs (Hydro & Vis) were changed from 6000 to 4000
-UE spell mana costs (Frigo & Flam) were changed from 1700 to 1500
-Fixed issues with new Waves & UEs doing overly high damage in PvP
-Fixed issues with overspawns at Desert of Zenith: Dunes of Darkness
-Exevo Gran Vis Lux now inflicts damage to every type of monsters

Sorcerers and Druids are now in a more balanced state than ever before!

Posted by: God qut on 20.7.2022

Just a Tiny amount of important fixes

General Updates
-Added multiple new spells for druids & sorcerers for PvE usage
-Waves: Exevo Mort Swish & Exevo Water Swish, Mana cost 6000
-UE: Exevo Gran Mas Frigo & Exevo Gran Mas Mort, Mana Cost 1700
-Added new directional healing spell for Druids: Exura Gran Mas Hur
-Highered the Exevo Gran Vis Lux spell damage for Sorcerers & Druids
-Sonar damage was boosted by 15%, the min-max damage range highered
-Returned possibility of Resurrection & Checkpoint reset with TPs
-New formula makes it harder to reset them as you gain more lvls
-Fixed issues with spawn times at Elven Meadows & Olmec Badlands
-Also fixed all the glitches reported by players at those areas
-Fixed issue with all mobs having disappearead from Tarid City
-Dune of Darkness has been re-tweaked from Incan/Mayan spot
-Dunes had Dark Overlords & Vegas removed, Andromedas added
-Removed all Ancient Tigers & Lions from Aberon Mainland

Mages got a little update and there are more awesome tweaks on the horizon!

Posted by: God qut on 14.7.2022

Updated & Redesigned epic hunting areas

General Updates
-Added 2 new Low-Mid Level hunt areas called Olmec Badlands & Elven Meadows
-Fully Re-designed Dunes of Darkness in terms of monsters and hunting difficulty
-Dunes of Darkness is filled with Incans & Mayans, along with old & new bosses
-Olmec Badlands & Elven Meadows were added to Fallen Gods Magicians Creek area
-Badlands & Meadows include Olmecs, Elves and various low to mid level bosses
-6 out of 6 EXP Graves were fully reset & moved to new hard to find locations
-All Olmec Draconises & Evil House Elves were migrated away from Tarid
-Zombie Event XP Reward is now 30% of 1 Level for every player that wins it
-Manarune Crits count is now heavily based on level, lower equals more crits
-Resurrection & Checkpoint TPs cant be reset with Task Points after lvl 1500
-Goldilock, Nebula & White Dwarf Protective Ring Algorithms are now voc based
-This change is based on strength of the character and the need for protection

Task Item Lootrate Updates

-Loot rates were highered for the following Level 2 Regen Tool Task Items:
-Ancient Scarab (White Bowl), Ancient Lion (Green Bowl), Ancient Tiger
-(Yellow Bowl), All types of Draconises & their Draconis Egg drops
-Beheloniano Brutal (Grey Ewer), Sheep (Yellow Ewer), Black Sheep
-(Blue Ewer), All high level trolls (Green Ewer), Uber & Hypergiants
-(Broken Hilt), All Ophis (Cobrafang Dagger), X Bosses (Ornamented Ankh)
-Banshees, Beholders & Black Knights (Red Tunic), Dharalion, Hero, Hunter,
-Orc Leader & Elf Arcanist (Green Tunic) was also slightly highered

Hit the grind, it has never been better than now! All day everyday, we updatin'!

Posted by: God qut on 31.5.2022

Massive Monster XP Ratio optimizations

Tweaks & Optimizations
A massive amount of optimizations have been performed to multiple different monsters in order to balance out the XP ratios for each monster species. The calculations are based on monster availability around the Outcast realms, their difficulty, loot drops and various ratios between XP, HP, strength and kill time.

These changes also make it possible to remove XP statues from all around the map as every monster is now in a more balanced state in terms of XP gained per hour. Around 120 important monsters were tweaked one by one to permanently improve the hunting and questing flow.

This also unlocks a new meta, so people should definitely try to figure out the best spots by exploring and testing each new and old area as a team, and also in solo mode. We'll continue tweaking and exploring various new ways to further balance out everything in the massive world of Outcast. All the changes to each monster can be found from the Update section on our Official Discord. :)

The greatest XP Spot ever might now be lurking right around the corner!

Posted by: God qut on 29.4.2022

New Enchantments & Improved Yalahar

General Updates
-Yalahar Mayan Ruins, Incan Empire & Dark Mountains have been re-designed
-All the above mentioned areas are now connected together & priced the same
-250% XP Boost Statues were added to Incan Empire & Mayan Ruins Checkpoints
-They are now a perfect fit for all types of levels, also as solo or a team
-Added new Level 2 Regeneration Item Enchantment tasks for following gear:
-Black Obsidian, Cyclips Balls, Roc Head, Space Stick & Cyclip Ball Slicer
-Missions include doing Adventures, finding Mushrooms & collecting items
-Detailed info regarding which monsters drops which items are at Starboy
-Level 2 Enchantments provide HP & MANA Regen & Boosted Damage & Healing
-6 out of 6 XP Graves were reset & moved to new hard to find locations
-50 Magical Mushrooms were hidden everywhere, 100 in total are now hidden
-Incan Chambers & Mountain part of Dark Mountains reset XP Statue on access
-All morgaroths were completed removed from Mayan Ruins ground level area
-Speeded up spawn time & added more Incans & Persians to the Incan Empire
-Dark Mountains can now be circled around and is filled with Incans & Mayans
-The actual mountain part has gotten a slight boost with more rare bosses
-Mayans, Incans & Dark Mountains Checkpoint 2s were completely removed
-All sub Level 1000 players can now travel for free to Yalahar areas
-Mages now get Critical Mana boosts when using manarunes on themselves
-Sky Rider Weapon upgrade Quest was added to the book of Adventures
-Oceanics can now only be upgraded once to Sky Rider weapons per player
-Roc Head Level 1 task has Dark Overlod & Helarctos monsters count in
-Active Task command now shows the current kill count at NPC Starboy
-Highered Baphomets Medallion Enchantment task difficulty to match rarity
-Durrion & Durrion II lock bosses were returned to Lands of Mysticon & Beluna
-Improved flow at BeLuna by adjusting lever order & mechanical boss positions
-Fixed issue with Achernars Key not working when first accessing the Farmpit
-Various quests now have more detailed explanations in Book of Adventures
-Aberon has been tweaked for higher lvls by adding Ancient Tigers & Lions
-An XP Boost statue of 300% has been put to the beginning area of Banuta
-Fixed issues with some mushrooms not being clickable in specific spots
-Added Staff of Moses to Capricornus for same price as similar Weapons

Enchant your Regeneration Tool and start whoopin it up in Yalahar! :)

Posted by: God qut on 12.3.2022

reality is bending all around the map

General Updates
-Added 2 massive & extreme areas to Farmpit and the Desert of Zenith
-Achernars Farmpit: Pillars of Creation is accessed through a blackhole
-Dunes of Darkness can be accessed by having 33 Zenith Sacrophaguses
-200% Statue & a Checkpoint was added to southern Dunes of Darkness
-5 out of 6 XP Graves were reset & moved to new hard to find locations
-Fixed a rare issue where resurrecting your partner was not possible
-Added full description to all rare Regeneration items & consumables
-Detailed descriptions of all items can now be seen from any distance
-Lower level players also get max point notification on any amount
-Baphomets Medallion & Golden Raptor Amulet now have HP & Mana Regen
-Wearing a full Hoodoo set now grants the player 1% Damage Protection
-Fixed new issue Guardian Hydrocon not always unlocking Mysticon port
-Added HoTA, Dark Warrior Set, Edron Annihilator to Book of Adventures
-Fixed various typos and other types of wrong info in Adventure Book
-Following Checkpoints were disabled: Plains of Gold 2, Helarctos 1
-Fallen Gods Labyrinth 2, Skyrider Waterfalls Mountain Checkpoint
-Also all Outcast Pass doors have been removed from Checkpoints
-Fixed issues with Zombies not defeating Goldilock wearing players

Dont go too close to the blackhole, you'll spaghettify out of existence! :)

Posted by: God qut on 16.2.2022

New Adventure System, new areas & Items

General Updates
-Added a new Adventure system and a related item called Book of Adventures
-XP Graves have been reset and moved once again at the time of the patch
-The Adventure system rewards people for exploring and completing quests
-Rewards can also be collected retroactively by interacting with the book
-The Book will automatically detect if you have collected all the rewards
-The Book will also suggest 3 random quests in difficulty order to complete
-Quest name, XP Reward and instructions on how to find quests are provided
-All Chests, unopened and opened will remind you to cash in Adventure rewards
-All new characters automatically have Book of Adventure in main backpacks
-NPC Al Estwel at Depot sells the Book of Adventures for a low gold price
-Following Quests need to be re-completed in order to register in Adventures:
-Draconian, Fallen Gods, Helarctos, Dark Overlord, Cyclip & Craaktron Sets
-Honor, Rose & Tusk to Cyclip Shield Upgrade, Cyclip to Oceanic Shield Upgrade
-Also Endymion and Archmage Wand to Aratron and Aether Wand Upgrade Quest
-Removed following Checkpoints: Mysticon 2, Dark Overlord 2, Corridors 1
-Removed exit stone lever system from Temple & Zenith Set Upgrade Quest
-Spawn of Evil House Elves added to West Tarid, Olmec Draconises to East
-Updated highscores to show all types of new data, also Adventure highscores
-Private loot window shows a highlighted yellow message when a rare is dropped
-Lootrate at which an item was dropped is now shown in the public loot announcer
-XP Bombs now give an equal amount to all high levels during the EXP Raid event
-Party share percentage does not change during pre-raid anymore, it stays at 75%
-Added 2 Epic Items: Psychean Neptune Helmet & Pulsating Neptune Legs
-These two items complete the full Pulsating Neptune set and are lootable from:
-Cygnus, Lacertae, Orionis, Alpha & Zeta Doradus, Procyon, Achernar, Lily, Orbi
-Resetting Checkpoints & Resurrections with task points is now level based
-Purchasing the Outcast Pass with task points is also completely level based

The more you explore, the more rewards you will rake in. Adventure time! :)

Posted by: God qut on 15.1.2022

Improved Areas & New Death Loss System

General Updates
-First version of the new Death Loss system has been fully activated
-Tarid East Side has been filled with Olmec Draconises & Noble Warriors
-Procyons Lair has gone through more changes in order to find balance
-Players with Warmode or Redskull lose levels when dying by any cause
-!deathloss shows how much you would lose with Redskull or Warmode
-Frags, skulls and warmodes were cleaned from all players for safety
-Warmode & Red Fist must both be activated to attack another player
-Warmode can only be fully turned off when you have 0 frags and no PZ
-Changed RS Time from 4 to 7 days, Bantime 1 to 5 days, Frags 7h to 14h
-Redskulls dont drop items in the first version of death loss system
-Blessing amulets have no effect to death loss in the V1 death loss
-Added Pulsating Neptune Armor & Boots to the following hard bosses:
-Hard Abyss 3 Bosses, Procyon, Achernar, Lily, Alpha & Zeta Doraduses
-Pulsating Neptune parts complement and higher Neptune Set abilities
-Fixed issue with people falling directly down when clicking rare stairs
-Main City, has returned back to the normal winter theme after Christmas
-Fixed issues with Red Scorcher, Craaktron & Skyrider Level 2 Enchantments
-Removed 2 Checkpoints in BeLuna: The Pyramid & The Mountain Checkpoints
-Fixed issues with the Hurricanius task not recognizing all city raid mobs
-All the frag & warmode messages now show correct frag, ban and skull times
-Current public loot msg now shows the lootrate at which the item was looted
-Performed Network Optimizations in order to further smoothen out the game
-Fixed issues in the PvP Training Area caused by the new Death Loss System
-BP opens automatically on login as long as it is the Backpack of the Gods

Watch out, dont run around with Warmode, the losses are extremely heavy! :)

Posted by: God qut on 9.12.2021

Procyons Lair has been re-designed

General Updates
-Procyons Lair hunting area has been re-designed & improved massively
-The Lair now has one long path for Boss hunting and one for Ophiuchuses
-XP Graves have been reset and moved once again at the time of the patch
-Graves have a new XP Algorithm, more XP gain especially for high levels
-Added new multi city, multi boss raids that can happen at random times
-Added test raids for a new system that turns old areas into hardcore mode
-!task system can now be used to reset Checkpoint & Resurrection teleports
-Slightly highered the protection gained from 30 minute consumable rings
-Fixed problems with PvP being turned on during Pre-Raid at random times
-Fixed issues with Level 2 Enchanted Rings not providing any extra damage
-The Main City has moved on to a Christmas theme and daily Christmas Raids
-Neptune Parts, Cyclips Ball Slicer & Wristband can be sold to Capricornus
-Improved Magicians Creek hunting area, added Mayans & Incans down south
-Fixed issues with Procyons Lair Checkpoint not working without TeleScopes
-Shop Points can now be transferred by creating an Eagle of Value Creation
-Say !pointitem to turn 1k points into an item, Click 5x to cash them in
-Cleaned multiple houses in every single major city that has a depot
-Houses can now be purchased with GNs or Shop Points depending on house
-Corridors, Skyrider Shield & Weapon areas can now be accessed by walking
-Fixed issues with some Draconises not despawning at Tarid Draconis raid

Task items for Rare Ring Level 2 Enchantment Tasks are now lootable from
-Postman Pat (Labels), Cyclops (Jugs), Spit Nettle (Ferns), Crocodile
-(Troll Greens), Carniphila (Powder Herbs), Orc, Spearman & Orc Warrior
-(Green Flask), Pharaohs and Djinns (Horn), Lootrates equal rarity on map

Future Regen Tool Level 2 Ench items are dropped by following monsters
-Ancient Scarab (White Bowl), Ancient Lion (Green Bowl), Ancient Tiger
-(Yellow Bowl), All types of Draconises can now drop new Draconis Eggs
-Beheloniano Brutal (Grey Ewer), Sheep (Yellow Ewer), Black Sheep
-(Blue Ewer), All high level trolls (Green Ewer), Uber & Hypergiants
-(Broken Hilt), All Ophis (Cobrafang Dagger), X Bosses (Ornamented Ankh)
-Banshees, Beholders & Black Knights (Red Tunic), Dharalion, Hero, Hunter,
-Orc Leader & Elf Arcanist are also dropping the Green Tunic task item

Lootrate was tripled in following monsters: Adonis Yetiroth, Warlock, Demodras
-Orshabaal, Behemoth, Calypso, Raptor & War Trolls, Dragon Lord, Dragon,
-King Yetiroth, Learnean Hydra, Necromancer, Necropharus, Uglo, Osiris

Task items, Procyons Lair with new monsters & new types of raids! :)

Posted by: God qut on 15.11.2021

New tutorials and updates in the wiki

New Tutorials For New Players

With the help of a couple awesome community members we've put together various extensive guides and tutorials that explain how to get started and which core functionalities are important to understand in order to survive through the wild and exciting adventures in lands of Outcast. :)

Starter's Guide Wiki Page

This Wiki page lists multiple important parts of the Outcast which will be beneficial for gaining faster levels and moving through the game in a sensible way. You will also find pictures and explanations guiding you to different types of hunting grounds. The monsters you'll be facing at those areas are listed in the Tutorial as well, including the rare loot that they might drop.

A Complete Guid to Checkpoints

Here you can find detailed maps and drawings on how to find and activate all the most important Checkpoints in the game. Also detailed explanations regarding the Checkpoint, Resurrection and Outcast Pass systems are provided as a primer for what follows. Explanations as to how you're supposed to hunt and what type of monsters you might encounter are provided as well.

The Boss Information Page

At the Boss Info page you'll be able to find extremely detailed information regarding bosses sorted in different types of ways. The information includes specific Boss statistics such as XP Gained, HP, XP/Hour, most important loot, locations, best spawns, summons and other types of data.

Weapon & Equipment Upgrades

New information regarding the location of all the items needed for upgrades has been added to the Upgrades page, also guides on how to find the actual place where the upgrade happens as well as youtube video links giving tips in some harder upgrade quests. Most of the videos regarding the upgrades show the full Quest including how to open all the levers, kill mechanical bosses and open chests along the way to the final upgrade area.

Getting straight into the action should now be easier than ever before! :)

Posted by: God qut on 23.10.2021

Abysses of Achernar 3 & the Space Walk

General Updates
-Added new hardcore areas called Abysses of Achernar Part 3 & The Space Walk
-New areas feature new raid mechanisms, mystery functions & new epic bosses
-XP Graves have been reset and moved once again at the time of patch notes
-Multiple hardcore X Type raids now happen throughout the day in all cities
-The X Type Bosses will completely despawn once the raid comes to an end
-Lootrates for Goldilock, Nebula, White Dwarf & Berserker rings were highered
-Slightly lowered the protection & damage boosts given by the 30 minute rings
-Sky Rider Shield Enchantment Task now counts kills from Surphyrion Maximuses
-Vroengard now has a Halloween look, also Halloween raids will happen daily
-The Hurricanius Task now counts kills from all types of City Raid Monsters
-Rune of Homestead is now infinite instead of just having one single charge
-Added the full amount of 50 Mysterious Magical Mushrooms around the map
-Small Magic Mushrooms are now edible & infinite, superior to Fire Mushroom
-The following items were completely removed from the Shop: Thor's Hammer,
-Twin Axe, Slaughterer's Axe, Djinn Blade, The Executor, Endymion's Wand,
-EXP Boost 1 Rune, EXP Boost 2 Rrne, Tusk Shield and the Shield of Honour
-Berserker Ring was added to rares list & test rings removed from players
-Fixed issue with Berserker Rings being 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes
-A Checkpoint was added to Procyon's Lair for easier access to the area
-Fixed issues with new portals not working and leading to wrong locations
-All raid monsters now attack players immediately when spawned anywhere
-Optimized how and when spell animations are shown in spammy situations
-These changes greatly improve FPS during high intensity monster attacks

The super adventure is finally here, now its time to hit the road, good luck! :)

Posted by: God qut on 11.9.2021

New Level 2 Enchantments For EPic Rings

General Updates
-Added a new hardcore hunting area called Procyon's Lair at Kingdom Farmlands
-Added new Level 2 Enchantments for all rare rings, tasks are located at Starboy
-Level 2 enchantments provide extra damage & healing abilities along with regen
-Various items only found on the map must be collected to complete all the tasks
-Task item names along with descriptions have been clarified due to task usage
-Procyon's Lair can be found at Kingdom Farmlands Checkpoint 2 by walking south
-Added 10 new collectible Mysterious Mushrooms in the game all arouund the map
-The total number of Mysterious Mushrooms will rise to 50 slowly as they spread
-Total count of collected Mystical Mushrooms can be seen by using !graves command
-Kingdom Farmlands Checkpoint 2 area has been modified and improved for hunting
-Farmlands Checkpoint 2 now has multiple Vermithraxes, Orbithraxes and Procyons
-Edron's Magic Shops and west part were optimized for better hunting experience
-EXP Graves have been moved & reset once again, they were placed to hard spots
-The Main City Vroengard, has been moved to Fall theme in preparation for winter
-Fixed a bug with Level 1 Enchants for rings not operating properly after upgrade
-Fixed issues with all Pyramids concerning wrong movement at every Desert city
-Fixed wrong info in dialogue regarding various enchantment tasks at NPC Starboy
-Added a new 30 minute Ring called the Berserker Ring for extra damage and healing
-Fixed issue with Red Fist usage causing extremely low damage during PvP situations
-The Berserker ring adds over +50% to damage and healing abilities when in PvE mode
-The ring can be dropped by all the same bosses as other 30 minute consumable rings
-It is not possible to use Berserker ring in PvP mode as it will inflict very low damage
-Removed Exani Tera Maximus momentarily due to issues with its full functionality
-Improved Abyss 1 Checkpoint to stop monster luring at stairs & blocking players

Achernar's Time, the Abyss 3, the ultimate adventure is closing in, be ready! :)

Posted by: God qut on 30.8.2021

Throwing a patch in before the big bang

General Updates
-Added a second Task NPC Called Starboy's Brother which hands secondary tasks
-Tasks from Starboy's Brother can be activated at the same time as Starboy Tasks
-Starboy's Brother can be found at Edrons Boat, it has an XP Boost test tasks
-Secondary Task Point System testing has been completed and texts removed
-Removed Ubergiants from bridges at the Farmpit to improve hunting experience
-Fixed issues with high end bosses not moving when shot from non reachable spot
-Fixed issue with exeta res maximus causing bosses to not move if blocker died
-Exeta Res Maximus mana cost was lowered from 1000 to 700 for better useability
-Exeta Res & Maximus now keep bosses focused on targets for 3 seconds instead of 4
-Lowered maglev requirements for Avalanche from 40 to 30 when using & creating it
-Added !res & !resurrect commands which teleport player to Chamber of Resurrection
-Added a new magic rope spell called Exani Tera Maximus which makes roping easier
-Golden Raptor Amulet enchantment task was replaced by Baphomets Medallion task
-When creating runes, blanks are not needed anymore, runes now appear in the bag
-Added a second command for showing all the Graves & Telescopes called !scopes

Abysses of Achernar 3, New Enchantments and Epic Adventures incoming!

Posted by: God qut on 26.7.2021

Staring into the depths of the Abysses

General Updates
-Abyss 2 Levers were reset, they now give XP when clicked & summon harder bosses
-EXP Graves have been moved & reset once again, they were placed to hard spots
-!graves command shows the lever collection count from Abysses of Achernar 2
-Paralyze by monsters has been optimized, movement is faster and less spammy
-Player can now only be paralyzed when the previous paralyze timer has ran out
-Death Loss information is not shown in the login window anymore, use !deathloss
-Returned player movement speed back to normal after the testing period ended
-Exeta Res & Maximus were tweaked, monsters now stay targeted for five seconds
-Another player can also keep bosses targeted at the blocker by using exeta res
-Added a new extremely high end Equipment Set to the game called the Neptune Set
-It provides 50/45 HP/MANA Regen/Second, 4% Protection from all possible damages
-Neptune Set parts can be looted from the following bosses: X Bosses, Alpha &,
-Zeta Doradus, Vermithrax, Orbithrax, Both Lilys, Procyon, Achernar, Craaktron
-Removed XP Boost Statue from Abyss 2 due to it being too powerful for the placed
-Abyss 2 underground spot has been improved for hunting, it now only includes:
-Elder Ophiuchuses, Ophiuchuses, Sacred Knights and also Angel of Demises
-Hamsters & Foxes were moved to the upper parts of Abyss 2 for better farming
-Added more money in the form of Gold Nuggets to the loots of various bosses

Abysses of Achernar 3 is being opened soon, and so the real adventure begins!

Posted by: God qut on 1.7.2021

New Enchantments for high end EQ sets

Enchantment Updates

New Level 2 Enchantment tasks have been released for the following rare high end Equipment Sets: Oceanic Lizard Set, Marianas Set, Craaktron Set, Sky Rider Set and Red Scorcher Set. All of the tasks are challenging long term missions. The new enchantment provide serious boost into the current HP & Mana renegeration abilities of the sets, along with adding extra % protection for all types of damages.

The enchantments require completion of various areas, and the ability to collect hard to get items from rare monsters, also obtaining older upgrade sets is a requirement.

Level 2 Enchantments for rings, regen tools and weapons will be released as well, with new, never before seen types of missions required to complete the enchantments. When the tasks are released in their first form, they will always require more balancing, tweaking and optimizing. Let me know if you have any suggestions and ideas regarding the Enchantments that were released, any improvements are welcome, as always! The correct balance must be found through experimentation and discussion, lets get it! :)

Are you enchanted yet? I sure am for the time being, me, a being in time! :)

Posted by: God qut on 29.6.2021

More optimizing & New Enchantments

Enchant your little baggie, enchant your lil ammy, lets go!

General Updates
-Added 2 Enchantment Tasks for Backpack of the Gods & Golden Raptor Amulet
-Enchantments provide higher % protection from damage, also HP & Mana Regen
-Added 200% XP Boost Statue with 60 minute length to Abysses of Achernar 2
-Fixed issue with charges not always showing up in newly enchanted amulets
-Unlimited the walking speed of high level players, currently in testing mode
-Momentarily removed the public player name broadcaster for looting rares
-The loot rates in the following monsters have been adjusted for rare EQ:
-Canopus, Alpha & Zeta Doradus, Orbithrax, Vermithrax, Procyon, Achernar
-The loot rate was optimized specifically for the following rare EQ pieces:
-Ring of Bonesmen, Joy Ring, Red Ruby Ring, Baphomets Emerald Wristband,
-Cyclip Balls, Roc Head, Space Stick, Cyclip Balls Slicer, Black Obsidian Tool

More high end Enchantments will be released soon, keep your eyes open!

Posted by: God qut on 25.6.2021

Tweaking the lootrates & Fixing Things

Highered the loot rates for various high end equipment sets

General Updates
-The loot rates in the following monsters have been adjusted for rare EQ:
-Canopus, Alpha & Zeta Doradus, Orbithrax, Vermithrax, Procyon, Achernar
-The loot rate was optimized specifically for the following equipment sets:
-Mariana, Craaktron, Sky Rider, Red Scorcher & Hoodoo Equipment Sets
-Fixed the issue where people could move their depot locker into a slot
-Cleaned out the visual part of public loot log for various rings & runes
-When looting a rare, the player who looted it is now broadcast publicly
-Fixed a rare issue where the broadcaster showed incorrect player names
-Looking it brand new rings and amulets now shows their time & charge

Shoot it, loot it, salute it, or something like that, I guess, right?

Posted by: God qut on 11.6.2021

More content & adventures, yes, more!

The most intense hunting area ever is now open for all visitors

General Updates
-Added a new epic level hunting and farming area called Achernars Farmpit
-Farmpit was designed for team and solo hunting and farming hard bosses
-Mountain areas are swarming with extremely challenging high end bosses
-Ground areas include monsters aimed for high experience hunting sessions
-Created Checkpoint 3 for Kingdom Farmlands, located at Achernars Farmpit
-To access Achernars Farmpit, Farmlands and Boss Run 3 must be completed
-Achernars Key obtained from Boss Run 3 can be used to enter the new area
-Removed multiple trees and swamps from Farmlands 1 to create more space
-If a player is resurrected, their boost gained from a statue gets reset
-!graves command shows the Kingdom Farmland telescope collection count
-When a player advanced to the next level, their HP/MANA is filled to max
-Added Fallen Gods Magicians Creek access to Shalan Windmaster boat NPC
-Fixed an issue where Capricornus would accidentally buy Enchanted items
-Fixed an issue where monsters would spawn inside PvP Arenas during X Raids

If you ever wanted to meet the hardest bosses, now is your chance, buddy!

Posted by: God qut on 29.5.2021

Maintaining it but not taming it, what?

Ohh yea, its just a maintenance patch, nothing special, dont trip!

General Updates
-Highered the XP gained from Morgaroth X and Lily by a massive amount
-Added a new 2nd Checkpoint to southern mountain area at Kingdom Farmlands
-Added a teleport back to the beginning at Farmlands first underground area
-Performed useful optimizations to the new area for better hunting experience
-Added waypoints to the Boss Run 3 Maze to get a general idea where to walk
-Removed a feature that teleports players to temple when Outcast Pass ends
-Added a new secondary task point counter for the new secondary task system
-Secondary task system points get reset on every login as its in test mode
-Fixed various mapping issues reported by players around the new areas
-Improved Checkpoint 1 area at Kingdom Farmlands to have more space

Released some improvements for the recent content update & general fixes.

Posted by: God qut on 23.5.2021

Epic new areas & bosses were released!

The infamous X type bosses are now running loose somewhere

General Updates
-Added 2 new massive areas: Kingdom Farmlands & Boss Run 3: Wrath of Achernar
-The new areas can be accessed by visiting the ending part of Boss Run 2 in Edron
-Farmlands & Boss Run 3 are a prelude to the release of Abyss 3 & Zeniths Kingdom
-Added a new Checkpoint to the beginning of Farmlands, the cost is 9GNs per travel
-Added a few new X type bosses called Morgaroth X and Barracuda Man X to the game
-All previously released but inaccessible X type bosses can be found at the new area
-Achernar X, Procyon X, Vermithrax X, Orbithrax & Xarptor X are located at Boss Run 3
-Hidden & Sealed Telescopes at the Farmlands give XP Grave type rewards when found
-When resurrected, both players see who was resurrected, and also who did the ress
-By resurrecting another player, you now gain full MANA & HP during resurrection

Tons of more content will be released within a couple of days, stay tuned!

Posted by: God qut on 7.5.2021

Just fix it already! What you waitin for?

EXP Grave & loot rate changes, improvements and small fixes

General Updates
-Added a new ring called Baphomets Red Ruby Wristband, its superior to Ruby Ring
-All high end bosses can drop the new Ruby Wristband, it is the rarest lootable ring
-EXP Graves have been moved & reset once again, they were placed to hard locations
-Highered chance of Red Scorcher & Hoodoo Set part drops in all hardcore bosses
-Lowered price of Abysses of Achernar 2 Checkpoint from 16 GNs to 9 Gold Nuggets
-Lowered cost of travelling to Fallen Gods Magicians Creek area to 10 Crystal Coins
-Added a new Boss Run to Fallen Gods Magicians Creek, along with general tweaks
-Fixed issues with the paralyze spell affecting other spell frequency for various bosses
-Fixed problem where various hard bosses became overly strong after paralyze changes
-Balanced Vega Draconis loot and fixed issues with Vega overspawns at Dark Mountains
-Fixed issues with slow spawntime at Yalahar Dark Mountains with higher end bosses
-Added Orion Trixus travel NPC to various end game locations for an easy return to home
-This fix also changes the possibility of EXP statues carrying over when they shouldnt
-Fixed issues with Capricornus buying enchanted items instead of non enchanted ones
-Manarunes now add more mana for Druids and Sorcerers who are over level 1300
-Mages can change their vocation between Druids & Sorcerers with !vocation for 1 GN

Now its time to focus on new content, enchantments, quests & bosses!

Posted by: God qut on 1.4.2021

April Fools Patchy Patch Noty Notes

Shield Enchantments, updated areas, improvements and fixes

General Updates
-Added Level 1 Enchantment Upgrade Tasks for Cyclip, Oceanic and Sky Rider Shields
-New Shield Enchantment Upgrade Tasks add more protection % for all types of damages
-Added minimum level requirement when finishing various hardcore Enchantment tasks
-Any Enchantment Task can still be started when under the minimum level requirement
-Lowered the monster kill count requirements for Mariana Set Level 1 Enchantment Tasks
-Highered the monster kill count requirements for Sky Rider Set Level 1 Enchantment
-Fallen Gods Magicians Creek has been tweaked for much better hunting experience
-South East Towers & West Side at Edron have been re-done with following mobs:
-Olmec Draconises, Demodrases, Orshabaals, Ancient Lions & Tigers, Angels & Evil Elves
-Sky Rider Shield quest can now be completed only once, min level requirement is 800
-Fixed issue with 5 Enchantment Tasks costing money when player wasnt able finish it
-Fixed issue with BeLuna checkpoints costing points when travelling was not possible
-Removed stairs stairway from Skyrider Shield 2 to Noble Cliffs due to overly fast XP
-Fixed Craak Yetiroth overspawn issue at Dark Mountains and fixed map bugs there
-When a summon dies, it no more produces a body, instead a simple puff animation
-Added extreme bosses called Xarptor X and Achernar X, they can be found at raids
-Added extreme raid where X type bosses appear at Valmoor with other hard mobs
-Lootrate on X type bosses is extremely high for various ultra rare items and equipment
-Snow has melt away from the main city as we are closing in on a beautiful summer time

Keep looking out for the X Type raid at Valmoor, it'll be a tough experience! :)

Posted by: God qut on 18.3.2021

Rolling Patch Part 2: The Noble Cliffs

New hunting areas, more enchantment missions & improvements

General Updates
-Added a new area called the Yalahar: Noble Cliffs, it is at the beginning of Chambers
-Noble Cliffs has multiple Noble Warrior monsters and a couple of Chief Noble Warriors
-Noble Area can also be accessed from Sky Rider Shield Checkpoint 2 but only one way
-Added new Level 1 Enchantments for Potatoe, Joy, the Bonesmen & Red Ruby Rings
-Fixed issues with Starboy dialogue regarding new Enchantment tasks and their clarity
-Fixed issue with kill counter not resetting in old tasks when reset at NPC Scorcher
-Dark Mountains, Incan Empire and Mayan Ruins are now connected from underground
-Fixed issue with gates blocking various Ubergiants at the Yalahar: Incan Chambers
-Raised magiclevel rate limits for Paladins to 60 and Druids & Sorcerers to 140
-Fixed overspawns at Incan Empire at the Noble Warrior spot near the South Walls
-Bonesmen and Potatoe Ring animations only change at Level 1 Enchantment reached

Upgrade tasks for Shields & Weapons, also new areas are up next on the line :)

Posted by: God qut on 15.3.2021

Rolling Patch Part 1: Enchantments

New Equipment Upgrade & Enchantment Missions, XP Graves Reset

General Updates
-Added new Upgrade Missions for various Equipment Sets & Regeneration Items
-All the new Missions & Tasks for Enchantment Upgrades can be found from Starboy
-Oceanic, Mariana, Craaktron, Sky Rider & Red Scorcher Sets can be upgraded
-Obsidian Tool, Cyclips Balls, Roc Head and the Space Stick can also be upgraded
-Level 1 Enchantments were added and as they get tweaked, other levels get added too
-EXP Graves have been moved & reset once again, they were placed to hard locations
-Graves now give slightly higher Experience than previously when found and clicked
-Improved the SD Rune formula in order to make it scale better with higher magic levels
-Druids & Sorcerers can now gain magiclevels until 135 instead of 110 with normal rates
-Paladins can now gain more magiclevels until 50 instead of 45 with normal rates
-Fixed issue with multiple double loots stacking on top of each other at random times
-The main city theme has been changed from full winter to spring mode due to weather

More Enchantment missions will be released in the next rolling patch soon :)

Posted by: God qut on 16.2.2021

New gear and Dark Mountains update

Dark Mountains has been improved, better for high levels now

General Updates
-Improved & tweaked Yalahar: Dark Mountains hunting area for higher level players
-Dark Mountains now has various mid and high range bosses around the middle circle
-Price of travel to Dark Mountains by nuggets and points has been slightly highered
-Added a new ultra rare item: Cyclips Ball Slicer, a regen tool and also a weapon
-Cyclips Ball Slicer is the best HP/MANA regen item in-game, superior to Space Stick
-Alpha & Zeta Doradus, Procyon, Orbi & Vermi, Achernar and Craaktron can now drop it
-Sonar has higher range when Fist is on GREY mode (OFF) and only does PvE damage
-Added a new spell rune called the Avalanche, it does high damage over huge areas
-Avalanche can only be used by players with higher magiclevel than 40 (Mages & Palas)
-Exevo Gran Mas Vis & Exevo Gran Vis Lux have slightly higher damage now for Sorcerers
-It is now sensible to switch between Druid and Sorcerer depending on the situation
-All healing spells and healing runes now remove paralyze from players when used
-Exeta Res and Exeta Res Maximus spells also remove paralyze when used by a knight
-Exeta Res & Exeta Res Maximus ranges have been highered, both of them are bigger
-GFB & Avalanche runes are disabled during EXP Raid to prevent overload of animations
-0% Loss is now automatically active for the first 10 minutes after server restart
-Death Loss turns back to normal once the 10 minute time period has been completed
-Xarptor species bodies can now be destroyed with weapons that also destroy furniture
-Double Loot Events & Checkpoint/Resurrection resets are now back on normal schedule
-Anytime a manual double loot is executed, it also happens 12 hours afterwards again
-There is no text anymore when a player has insufficient magiclevel to execute a spell
-Using #s before a spell in hotkeys will not show the spell text in private chat
-Fixed issue with some house invites not working properly after last weeks update

New areas, upgrade tasks and other madness is being released very soon :)

Posted by: God qut on 30.1.2021

2021 starting off with a few updates

Expanded Magicians Creek area, along with other improvements

General Updates
-The EXP Graves have been moved and reset once again with a little extra twist
-Graves have been put into extremely hard to find places and are visually hidden
-Improved & Expanded the Fallen Gods Magicians Creek hunting spot with new areas
-Fallen Gods Magicians Creek area has been made accessible to all vocations
-Added a new Draconis species to the mountains of the Creek called Olmec Draconis
-Removed lower level monsters such as Warlocks, Calypso & War Trolls from the Creek
-It is now possible to travel to Magicians Creek without having Checkpoint activated
-Abyss Part 1 has been improved in a major way: Xarptorius & Xapters were removed
-The above said monsters were replaced by Craaks, Mungros, Xarptors & Vermithraxes
-Added Super Boost Statues to Part 1 and Part 2 of Yalahar: Abysses of Achernar
-Abyss Part 1 Boost statue does 200% for 40 minutes, Part 2 does 200% for 60 minutes
-The Desert of Zenith Super Boost statue time has now been made 60 minutes long
-Double Loot schedule has been improved, it begins a few minutes after server starts
-After first double loot ends, they start continuously happening in 4 to 8 hours
-Checkpoints are now reset every 6 hours for players that stay online and logged in
-Optimized monster spread and fixed overspawns at Abysses of Achernar Part 2
-Fixed issues with multiple monsters damaging each other and eating away XP gains
-Slimethon still takes damage from other monsters, making it easier to defeat
-Fixed issue with not being able to go down from Checkpoint at Abyss 1 & 2
-Killing summons does not give players task points anymore to prevent any abuse
-Added most of the missing mid range monsters back to the task points list
-Ophiuchuses movement speed has been highered, also wand of moses now works on it
-Fixed issue with wrong Bonesmen ring animation at the SpaceShip upgrade area
-EXP Raid monsters now move tables, pots and other blocking items away from river
-Cleared various old houses from Tarid, Drushak, Fendal, Lithgow, Aberon & Valmoor

Last year was indeed a very wild ride, but this one will be even wilder. :)

Posted by: God qut on 31.12.2020

A small year end maintenance patch

Highered rare lootrates based on latest data & did some tweaks

General Updates
-Highered lootrate of Craaktron, Sky Rider, Red Scorcher & Hoodoo set pieces
-All high end boss lootrates that drop the previously mentioned EQ were modified
-Highered the chance of winning a full Templar or Zenith Set from Zombie Event
-When a player reaches maximum task points, a clear notification is now shown
-Highered lootrate of Homestead rune and added it to loot table of all bosses
-Optimized server save times, frequent small saves should now be unnoticeable
-Highered EXP gained from the following monsters: Sacred Knight, Running Tree
-Evil House Elf, Damned Wizard, Angel of Demise, Lily & Giganticus Beetle
-Methuselah Ophiuchuses movement speed on slow tiles has been increased
-Completely removed all summons from Sacred Knights due to excessive spam
-Improved quest flow and fixed mapping issues at the new Yalahar areas
-Fixed issues with new monsters missing from the task points list

Happy New Year! 2020 was an insane ride. Lets hope for a safer stroll in 2021!

Posted by: God qut on 20.12.2020

The Final part of Yalahar has opened

New upgrade mechanics, puzzles & mid and high range bosses

General Updates
-Released a massive questing new area called the Yalahar: Abysses of Achernar
-Added over 20 new monsters from mid to high level, along with mechanical ones
-Abysses of Achernar introduces a new mysterious feature for upgrading EQ abilities
-Entrance to new area is located at the end of Boss Run 2: Space Ship landing strip
-Added one Checkpoint to the beginning at Abysses of Achernar, more will be added
-Fixed bug with Ancient Shaman dropping the Furnutsack too easily at Zenith Desert
-Removed 5 and 15 wave city raids, now only 30 wave raids happen at higher frequency
-Added all new mid range, high range and mechanical boss monsters to task point list
-Added feature that shows HP, Level, Magiclevel and EXP of a monster when looked at
-All EXP Raid monsters now have various christmas themed outfits at the river raids
-Highered the monster spawn rate during EXP Raid by 100% to fill the area constantly
-Christmas theme around the city of Vroengard has been tweaked and improved

The Yalahar: Abysses of Achernar quest update is the first one of a two part release. The second and final part will be released around Christmas, so the final door in the Calendar will open up in the near future. The Quest line also introduces a new mysterious upgrade mechanic along with many other puzzling things along the way to the final area. New bosses, mid range monsters, mechanics and other mind bloggling things are to be expected, when entering this extremely dangerous area. :)

Happy Holidays everybody, even if Santa aint visiting ya'll this time around. :)

Posted by: God qut on 5.12.2020

Huge changes in the loot tables of rares

Various high end rare EQ sets are now dropped in pieces

General Updates
-Added a new EQ Set called the Craaktron's Set, it is superior to Mariana's Set
-Parts of Craaktron's Set can be looted from all the same bosses as Mariana's
-Double Loot will now happen every 6 hours for the better part of December
-Updated the information regarding latest changes in sets to the Outcast Wiki
-NPC Capricornus now buys all Craaktron Set parts for 125 Gold Nuggets a piece
-Heavily modified loot rates & tables of Sky Rider, Red Scorcher & Hoodoo Sets
-Parts of Sky Rider, Red Scorcher and Hoodoo Sets can now be looted separately
-The lootrates for single pieces are much higher than looting a full set at once
-All the high end bosses that drop full sets can also now drop single pieces

With the previously mentioned changes in loot rates and loot tables, the dynamics of looting have now been changed in a major way. The economy of high end ultra rare sets will be sparked up as more trading between people will occur in an attempt to collect a full set. More parts will be distributed amongst Outcastians, and the goal of getting a complete ultra rare set will not seem as impossibly distant as it did before. :)

Also, with Double Loot happening much more often during December, we will get to observe its effects better and see what kind of lucky streaks people go on.

On a third note, there is a ton of content and new functionalities waiting to be released in the upcoming weeks and months. Various new mechanics for upgrading items, their abilities and HP/MANA Regeneration. Yalahar will also be released and become fully complete in the next patch, you'll be able to mess around with various new mid range and high end bosses at the epic adventures on the new and final part of Yalahar.

Happy Holidays everybody, we still got tons of stuff coming out before 2021 :)

Posted by: God qut on 21.11.2020

Tons of small tweaks and improvements

New lootable rings, changes in tasks, raids and the XP Graves

General Updates
-The EXP Graves have been moved and reset once again with a little extra twist
-Graves have been put into extremely hard to find places and are visually hidden
-Added 3 new super rings that are short lasting and have ever changing abilities
-Nebula, White Dwarf and Goldilocks rings can all be looted from top bosses
-The ring abilities include extreme HP/MANA regen, more Crit, Damage, Protection
-Extra reward room at the SpaceShip was opened a while ago with these rewards:
-10 lvls, EXP Boost 4, 3 super ability rings, King Zenith Outfit & a new epic Key
-Each upgrade task can only ever be completed once at the SpaceShip from now on
-Roc Head and Space Stick tasks now accept muliple bosses for the kill counter
-Double Loot now happens 50% more frequently but the exact time is still random
-Fixed issues with EXP Raid auto targeting not working for every player
-Fixed issue with Chat & Trade windows not opening when reconnecting to a char
-Fixed double spawns around Yalahar areas, some monsters were spawning too fast
-Fixed issues with overly high damage from harder bosses due to magiclevel tweaks
-City raids now switch between Non-PvP and high protection lvl based on war activity
-Updated the Wiki regarding latest changes in equipment, tasks and beginner guidance

The next patch will be full of content, Yalahar will be finalized with a bang! :)

Posted by: God qut on 25.10.2020

Halloween raids and hidden XP Graves

Various improvements in Yalahar, spell damages & fist system

General Updates
-Improved Yalahar: Incan Chambers hunting flow and monster spread everywhere
-The Underground area at Incan Chambers has been modified heavily as well
-XP Graves now give EXP based on the players current level, higher levels get more
-Moved & reset 6 XP Graves again, they have been placed into new hidden locations
-XP Graves can now be clicked again to get massive amounts of XP and great rewards
-EXP Raid now has 6 EXP Bombs happening throughout the event instead of only 3
-When Raid monsters spawn, players will automatically attack the closest monster
-Optimized various Super Boost Phoenix Statue EXP Rates at multiple areas
-Added multiple new Super Boost Phoenix Statues around the following areas:
-BeLuna, Island of the Wrecked Ships, Plains of Gold, Oceanic Lizard Shield Area
-Sky Rider Waterfalls ending area, Desert of Zenith, Lands of Mysticon
-Manarune now gives a little bit more mana per click for players over level 1000
-When NO-Pushing is activated, it will still be possible to move players in PZ
-Players now make 10% of total damage to players when the Red Fist is turned OFF
-Fixed issue with overly high damage from UE at the PvP Area when Red Fist was ON
-Protection gained from various shields has been nerfed by a small % for all vocations
-Players can now travel to any city through the multi-dimensional NPC Orion Trixus
-Fixed issues with EXP Bomb counter not being properly reset before the EXP raid
-Added a Halloween theme all around the city, including various Halloween raids
-Removed random 15 and 30 wave raids, they now happen at set times during each day

Bats, vampire and Blair Witches, what more could you wish for Halloween? :)

Posted by: God qut on 2.10.2020

Patch Notes & New EXP Statue system

Find the EXP Statues, click them, and get the super XP activated!

General Updates
-Added new Super Boost Phoenix Statues all around older high level areas
-EXP Statues add an EXP Boost of 200% to 400% for 30-40 minutes per use
-Special boost gets reset when a player dies, relogs or leaves the area
-EXP Statues can be found from the following areas: Beginning of Beluna,
-Plains of Gold Checkpoint 1, Lands of Mysticon Checkpoint 2, Oceanic
-Lizard Shield Quest Checkpoint 1, Middle part of Boss Run II areas,
-Sky Rider Waterfalls Checkpoint 2 & Mountains, Desert of Zenith
-Spell damages and exhausts have been changed when using the fist system
-The Main City has gone through a transition from summer to fall theme
-Oceanic Lizard and Sky Rider Wands can now be sold to NPC Capricornus
-Edron Pass doors at Checkpoints cannot be entered anymore when PZ locked
-Exiva now works as intended when used inside Private Message windows
-Rune of Homestead has been added to the rares loot log item list

Super EXP Boost Phoenix Statues

The purpose of the EXP Boost Statues is to make the older, yet hard hunting areas extremely useful by making their EXP per Hour higher. The main goal is to make the EXP Gain at these areas competitive with Yalahar areas such as the Mayan Ruins and the Incan Empire places. The EXP Boost Statues can be found near Checkpoints at the previously mentioned areas, and once you click the statue, an EXP Boost of 200% to 400% will be activated for the next 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the difficulty of the area in terms of its monsters, their spawnrate and the quest reward.

Changes in Spell Damages & Exhausts

The Fist OFF (Grey color)
-Spells will only do damage to monsters, 0 damage to players
-Druids & Sorcerers now have 1 second exhaust instead of 2 in UE & POX
-Sonar now has higher average damage than before to monsters
-Uber Exori and Exori do slightly better average damage to monsters

The Fist ON (Red color)
-Spells do damage to both Players & Monsters
-Sonar now has 2 second exhaust instead of 1 when attacking players
-Uber Exori & Exori now have a 2 second exhaust instead of 1 as well
-UE and POX exhausts remain at 2 seconds when using them on players
-Sonar, Uber Exori & Exori damages slightly lowered on average

Was that green man an alien, or was it just your reflection off the mirror? :)

Posted by: God qut on 20.9.2020

The fist, the hits, the extra protection

Major Changes affecting the PvP, Exhaust and Damage systems

The Fist System

People can now decide whether or not their spells hit players or just monsters. By turning the Red Fist ON, you will hit players and monsters. If you have it turned OFF, you will only do damage to monsters with your spells. Additionally, the Red Fist changes the exhaust and damage of Sonar, Uber Exori and Exori.

When the Red Fist is ON and you are able to attack players, that means the exhaust of Sonar, Uber Exori and Exori will be the same as UE/POX on Mages. When the Red Fist is OFF, the exhaust of these spells will be faster but you will only do damage to monsters. For Mages, the exhaust of UE/POX is now faster when the Red Fist is OFF, which allows doing double spells and healing right after doing the spells, like Sonar and Uber Exori used to be. The exhaust of UE/POX is higher when Red Fist is ON and you are able to do damage to players.

Critical Hits

Paladins and Knights, when using melee (all types of weapons and spears), will now randomly do Critical Hits. This means that an extra amount of damage based on your level is added to the melee hit. When a player does a Critical Hit, a small animated text is broadcasted on top of their character. Critical Hits are only done when attacking monsters with a melee weapon.

Shield Protection

Cyclip, Oceanic and Sky Rider shields all give a specific % of protection from all types of damages. The % of protection is slightly higher for Mages than Paladins & Knights. The protection levels are as follows: Cyclip Shield 2%, Oceanic Shield 5%, Skyrider Shield 8%. For Mages, Oceanic Shield adds 9% protection from total Damage taken, and Sky Rider shield adds 14%.

The shield protection system is just the beginning of the story and it creates a base functionality for upgrading any item ability through questing or tasking, like highering their HP/MANA regen, damage protection or the ability to do higher critical hits. Equipment set, Weapon, Shield and various Regen Item abilities will be upgradeable in future with specific features.

Extensive testing has to be made to ensure the balance of these new functionalities, so fellow Outcastians, let me know if you have any ideas running through your mind regarding anything related to these new systems. New ideas, suggestions, ways to improve them, whatever it is, let me know! :)

New upgrade systems for all types of equipment are coming in very soon! :)

Posted by: God qut on 31.8.2020


Tons of bosses, team hunting areas and different types of fixes

General Updates
-Added a new Yalahar Incan Empire expansion area called the Incan Chambers
-The new area is aimed at teams farming all the hardest creatures in the game
-Incan Chambers has no Checkpoints but it can be accessed south of the Empire
-Added an NPC called Capricornus that buys all rarest items from players
-Highest currency received from NPCs is now in the form of Gold Nuggets
-Optimized the monster placement and quest flow inside the SpaceShip
-Fixed various issues with people going invisible at the SpaceShip
-Added an item called the Rune of Homestead that teleports its user Temple
-Rune of Homestead can be bought from Business Man and looted from monsters
-Magic Walls and Wild Growths show who created them when looking at them
-Fixed issues with Death Loss Event not activating on set scheduled times
-Added more Aztec Draconises to the Fallen Gods Magicians Creek hunting area
-All City Wave Raids have been made NON-PvP again for testing purposes
-Removed the Demon and Dragon City Wave raids completely from the schedule
-Double Loot and 300% Info messages have been removed from the loot log
-Changed the order of default vocations when creating a new character
-Baphomets Tool now shows the amount of EXP gained when using it it
-Double Loot Event is now evenly spread across the day at random times
-Zombie Events will not be announced anymore during NON-PvP Events
-Created a new small Pre-EXP Raid event that summons various monsters
-Gold Nuggets are now purchaseable, 25 Gold Nuggets cost 2500 Points
-Fixed various mapping errors reported by players all around Yalahar
-Made all Country Backpacks purchaseable from Murlock Baggins for 100k GPs
-Removed spammy texts from multiple monsters that would cover the screen
-Logging out at the Zombie Arena now teleports players back to Temple
-Updated some out of date HP/MANA regen info regarding gear to the Wiki
-Balanced the amount of task points gained when killing hard bosses
-Fixed issue with Visualis HP bar not showing any damage when hit

Next up on the line: More Yalahar expansions and epic questing areas! :)

Posted by: God qut on 17.7.2020

You can find Patch Notes under this post

Definitely read this one too, it details the death loss changes

New and improved Death Loss System

Now that the final version of the Death Loss system has been implemented into the server, various things will be affected by it. Players will now lose a minimal amount of EXP when dying to monsters and other causes such as fire, poison or whatever else might end up getting them killed. To see how much you will lose on your current level, always use the command: !deathloss, it will show you how much EXP you'll lose with each blessing amulet, and also what the losses are when you get killed either by a player, or by something else such as a monster.

Its important to remember, 0% Death Loss event still works the same way as always, you lose absolutely nothing when dying if the event is active. It is now preferable to start wearing the best blessing amulets such as Golden Raptor's Amulets & Baphomet's Medallions to suffer the least amount of losses when dying. The loot rates of the previously mentioned amulets have been highered quite a bit, so obtaining them should be much easier now. Also, remember that Blessimus Smeagol, who sits on a chair right to the west of Temple & Depot is selling blessing amulets which are pretty efficient, but not as good as Raptor And Baphomet Amulets.

As mentioned earlier, the losses are very minimal when dying so it shouldnt cause too much trouble to anyone. Also, you will not lose any skills or magiclevels when dying, just EXP. And guess what? Recovering your lost EXP is now possible as well, with the Baphomets Tool of Resurrection. :)

Updates in the Resurrection System

The Resurrection System along with the Baphomets Tool of Resurrection have gone through some important changes as well that should be mentioned. First off, whenever you get resurrected by someone after dying and losing some EXP, you will automatically get the EXP back if the resurrection was successful. Secondly, if you were hunting solo and died, you can go back to your body and click your own Baphomet's Tool to recover back the lost EXP. Also, the resurrection tool now disappears whenever it has been used for either resurrecting someone, or used for recovering back the lost EXP.

Posted by: God qut on 17.7.2020

Improvements in the Death Loss System

A more advanced death loss and tons of other great updates!

General Updates
-New Death Loss system has been implemented, more details listed in the next post
-Moved & reset 6 XP Graves again, they have been placed into new public locations
-XP Graves can now be clicked again to get massive amounts of XP and great rewards
-Grave locations: Beluna, Somewhere in Yalahar, Boss Run, Mysticon, Oceanic Shield
-!deathloss command now shows new information regarding new death loss system
-Added new CheckPoints to Yalahar: Incan Empire, Mayan Ruins & Dark Mountains
-Removed all Aztec Draconises from Yalahar: Dark Mountains for better flow
-Fixed issue with people moving Baphomets Tool into their Arrow Slots
-Baphomets Tool now disappears instantly when a player is resurrected
-Baphomets Tool also gives back part of or even all of the lost EXP when used
-Party Share Bonus & Party Split automatically change to old values at EXP Raid
-Default Party XP Bonus was boosted from 30% to 75% anytime you hunt in a party
-The special Party XP Bonus event that happens every 6 hours was changed to 200%
-Joining a party now shows the currect XP Boost and whether an event is on
-Fixed issue with sending party joining and leaving info to wrong players
-Added a new Knight Spell called exeta res maximus, it has much higher range
-Fixed issues with exeta res maximus range not working as supposed to
-Trade chat is now forced open for players to make the use of it more active
-SpaceStick was added to Rare Loot Log and it also gives 8500 extra Cap now
-Adjusted lootrates of: SpaceStick, Baphomets Medallion & Golden Raptor Amulet
-Added Golden Raptors Amulet and Baphomets Medallion to Rare Loot Log
-The new Boss Wave Raid now has most of the hardest bosses being summoned
-Delayed the ending of Wave Raid PvP Protection to only end once monsters die
-Patriarch Scorcher and Starboy now inform a player if task is not from them
-Removed the second accidentally added TP to Desert of Zenith at Boss Run 2

Fixes, improvements and whatnot! Some new content coming soon as well! :)

Posted by: God qut on 31.5.2020

New Upgrade Quests, Areas & Epic Bosses

Yalahar: Circle of Mysteries and the SpaceShip have arrived!!

General Updates
-Added two new massive areas: Yalahar: Circle of Mysteries, and the SpaceShip
-Added multiple new hardcore & mechanical bosses, as well as casual monsters
-Added multiple new item ugprade quests for Joy Ring, Cyclip Balls & Roc head
-Added a new outfit called King Zenith which is now ready to be unlocked
-300% Party Share XP Bonus now happens every 6 hours with no randomness to it
-New Yalahar Area can be accessed at Boss Run 2, south of Zenith Desert TP
-Yalahar: Circle of Mysteries has to be solved before entering the SpaceShip
-There are Hidden Telescopes all around Yalahar, that need to be discovered
-Hidden Telescopes can possibly give great amounts of XP and special rewards
-!graves command shows how many Hidden Telescopes a player has found at Yalahar
-Added up-to-date Gear Upgrade information to wiki pages regarding new Quests
-Added a new regen item called the Space Stick which is better than the Roc Head
-The Space Stick can be looted from all the same epic bosses as the Roc Head
-The Boss Run 2: SpaceShip Key is now needed to enter the SpaceShip at Yalahar
-Added multiple new spaceship gear upgrade tasks to Task NPC Starboy
-The Yalahar Checkpoint has to be activated before players can travel to it
-Skyrider & Mariana Set HP/MANA Regeneration speed has been highered
-Dark Warrior Set HP/MANA Regeneration was boosted from 6/6 to 9/9
-Cyclip Balls now gives a couple of thousand extra cap when worn in arrow slot
-Old Game Hall at Ezoland has been finally restored to its historic state
-Wave Raids have PvP turned ON, but LVL protection goes from 100 to 600
-Task Window doesnt block talking anymore, also opens automatically if needed
-Login Info Data at Default Chat now show more precise details about Outcast
-Baphomets Tool of Resurrection now explains what it is used for

Was that green man an alien, or was it just your reflection off the mirror? :)

Posted by: God qut on 21.5.2020

Many Fixes, features & improvements

A tiny patch right before a huge content update: THE SPACESHIP!

General Updates
-Added a public loot log that shows rare drops, date and which monster dropped them
-The public loot log can be found through the wiki or at
-Rare drops are also broadcasted for every player on the server as they happen
-Golden Raptor Amulets and Baphomets Medallions can now be looted from all bosses
-Added more specific descriptions to various items such as Marianas Gear
-The 300% Party Share XP Bonus has been made more random throughout the day
-Double Loot now happens more often every day, as well as more randomly
-The Main City, Vroengard, has gone through a shift in theme, summertime has arrived
-Added an observatory on top of the Vroengard Depot & Temple for some stargazing
-When spamming exevo pan and having a full BP, the food is not placed on ground
-Added a command !graves that shows how many graves a player has collected
-Checkpoint pricing has been adjusted in Mystic Rick and Old Business Man NPCs at:
-Yalahar Incan Empire, Yalahar Dark Mountains, Corridors & Beluna Pyramid Checkpoints
-Corridor and Pyramid Checkpoints also require quest related tasks to be completed
-Resurrecting ones own characters is not possible anymore, another player has to do it
-Removed all summons from Guardian Hydrocons that would trigger the mechanics of it
-Hydra Eggs can only be cracked open on ground level everywhere on the map
-Chamber of Resurrection is now much bigger to fit massive questing teams into
-Fixed various overspawns at Yalahar Incan Empire and Yalahar Mayan Ruins

The SpaceShip has been seen flying in the skies, will it land, where, how? :)

Posted by: God qut on 19.4.2020

Yalahar: Dark Mountains & XP Graves

New Yalahar area has been unlocked and XP Graves were moved!

General Updates
-Added a new area called Yalahar: Dark Mountains, it is ruled by Draconises
-The new area has all Draconis monsters roaming around along with many bosses
-Moved & reset 6 XP Graves again, they have been placed into new hidden locations
-XP Graves can now be clicked again to get massive amounts of XP and great rewards
-Added XP Bomb reward system that adds Shop Points & XP Boost Runes to players
-All extra rewards are added after XP Bombs arrive to random players automatically
-Added a new system that rewards players who join massive PvP Events with Shop Points
-Unlocked 2 new underground areas near Mayan Ruins Checkpoint, right and left side
-Each Upgrade set now gives higher HP/MANA regen, starting from Draconian Set
-Yalahar: Dark Mountains can be travelled to from Mystic Rick or Business Man NPCs
-The 5x click counter for teleporting home from a Checkpoint now resets on login
-Optimized EXP Bomb system as well as the EXP Bomb counter, it always resets now
-Fixed issue with people being able to pick up the Baphomets Tool of Resurrections
-Advancing in levels now shows a colorful animation on top of a character everytime
-!buyhouse command along with instructions is now shown everytime door is looked at
-Using Hydra Eggs is not possible anymore during Zombie Event inside the arena
-Going to any CheckPoint from Sir Mystic Rick requires players to not be PZ locked

New expansions to Yalahar will be released soon, along with new quests! :)

Posted by: God qut on 3.4.2020

New Items, Equipment & Improvements

The Roc Head and Hoodoo Set, who's gonna loot em' first? :)

General Updates
-Added a new regen item called The Roc Head, it is superior to Cyclips Balls
-Added a new set called the Hoodoo Set, its superior to the Red Scorcher Set
-The Roc Head can be looted from all bosses, 17/17 Mana&HP/Sec + 6k Cap
-The Hoodoo Set can be looted from various hardcore bosses such as these:
-Vermithrax, Orbithrax, Zeta & Alpha Doradus, Craak Yetiroth, Gamma
-Slightly highered the lootrate of Red Scorcher Set in all harder bosses
-Added tons of new content to the Wiki, including player made tutorials
-Redesigned the whole EXP Bomb system including its XP boost algorithm
-EXP Bombs now come in 3 waves with awesome visually pleasing animations
-EXP Bombs are now completely balanced and XP Gain is based on level stages
-Each level stage gets a different amount of XP, the XP gain is not random
-300% Party Share XP now happens every 4 hours, starting at 12:00 UTC+2
-300% Party Share XP event still has a random delay of up to 1 hours
-Added a message that pops up in default chat if someone dies in a party
-Fixed issues with EXP Bomb counter not resetting for all players
-Fixed a major issue with NPC Patriarch Scorcher causing slight freezes
-Player characters now face the direction they are teleported to
-Fixed all issues with various mechanical bosses doing double actions
-Fixed issues with multiple mechanical bosses not unlocking doors properly
-Made a 60 second start timer for Zombie Event incase of crowded entrance
-Its not possible to use energy, fire or poison bombs in Zombie Event anymore

New expansions to Yalahar will be released soon, along with new quests! :)

Posted by: God qut on 6.3.2020

Released New Yalahar Expansion Area

New area, along with new monsters, bosses, weapons & Tasks

General Updates
-Released a new epic Yalahar Expansion area called Yalahar: The Incan Empire
-Added various new monsters for fast paced hunting, also new hardcore bosses
-Added new weapons for all classes, they are all superior to Sky Rider weapons
-Yalahar: The Incan Empire can be accessed through the following methods:
-By talking to Mystic Rick or Old Business man NPCs and going to Checkpoint
-The new area can also be accessed by foot at the Vermithrax spawn underground
-The Incan Empire Checkpoint does not need to be activated before travelling
-Incan & Persian Draconises & Noble Warriors are meant for fast paced hunting
-Orbithrax and Ubergiant are aimed at gear farming, they are Vermi/Hyper bosses
-The New Bows, Wands, Clubs, Axes & Swords can be looted from every single boss
-Added multiple new experimetal tasks to NPC Starboy for getting Exp Boost 4s
-Starboy now shows which task you have activated when using phrase: active task
-Burst animation now looks like the original one, instead of explo animations
-Fixed issues with Skyrider and Moses wand not hitting bosses like Zeta Doradus
-Joining a party now broadcasts a message to all members about new party features
-Fixed non-pz zone at the Yalahar: Mayan Ruins checkpoint and expanded PZ area

Watch out for Orbithrax, the green devil is about proving its power in 1 hit. :)

Posted by: God qut on 18.2.2020

New regen items and important features

Loot log, task points and monster tasks can be shared in party!

General Updates
-Added 3 lootable items: 2 MANA/HP Regen items and also an all-in-one tool
-Cyclip's Balls is worn in the arrow slot and gives 11/11 HP/MANA Regen per Second
-Black Obsidian Tool is also worn in the arrow slot and does 4/4 MANA/HP per Second
-Rune Of Almighty Abilities is an item that works as a shovel, rope, pick, & machete
-All the new items can be looted from every single major boss that is in the server
-Added Black Obsidian Tool & Rune of Almighty abilities to NPC Old Business Man
-Added a feature that allows the sharing of Loot Log with every party member
-Added a feature that allows Task Points & Monster Tasks to be shared in party
-Monster tasks can now be shared and completed in a much faster pace in party
-Winners of the Zombie Event will now automatically receive 5 million Experience
-Fixed multiple overspawns of Mayan Draconises at the Yalahar: Mayan Ruins area

More parts of Yalahar will soon be unlocked along with some new monsters. :)

Posted by: God qut on 9.2.2020

EXP Boosts can be looted from bosses

The locations of the hidden XP Graves have been changed again!

General Updates
-Moved & reset 6 XP Graves again, they have been placed into new hidden locations
-XP Graves can now be clicked again to get massive amounts of XP and great rewards
-Improved spawn times and placements of all monsters at Yalahar: The Mayan Ruins
-Optimized the EXP/HP/POWER ratio of Mayan Draconises to fasten the hunting flow
-Fixed issues with 300% Party Bonus sometimes going off too early when stacked
-Fixed issue with Double Loot event being activated twice and not lasting 30 mins
-15 wave and 30 wave Monster Raids in the city are now Non-PvP Events
-Warmode can now be taken off only when a player is totally out of the battle
-Added EXP Boost 3 and 4 runes to the loot tables of the following boss monsters:
-Canopus, Alpha & Zeta Doradus, Mayan & Aztec Draconises, King Aethelbald & King
-Robert Baratheon, The Sky Rider & Sky Rider Knight, Xarptor, Xapter, Xarptorious,
-Surphyrion Maximus, Vega Draconis, Helarctos Malayanus, Mungrorath, Craak Yetiroth
-Wizard of Gamma & Visualis, Wizardrian Durggel, Schmikkel & Hanurs, Cyclip God
-Optimized Loot rate of rares such as Oceanic & Marianas items in these bossis:
-King Aethelbald, Cyclip God, Very Evil Limp, King Robert Baratheon, Chinese Panda
-Fixed tons of mapping errors reported by Outcastians at Yalahar: The Mayan Ruins

The next major content update is near, so get ready for it, gonna be wild! :)

Posted by: God qut on 15.1.2020

Gates to Yalahar have now been opened

The Mystical Yalahar: Mayan Ruins area is open for visitors

Yalahar: The Mayan Ruins is the first part of Yalahar being released and unlocked, its a high paced team hunting area with new monsters called Mayan Draconises spread all around the area, guarding the ancient Mayan Ruins. Multiple boss spawns were also added around the new area which makes farming high level bosses more convenient. Spawns with mobs such as Vermithrax, Zeta and Alpha Doradus, Hypergiants, various forms of Xarptors and Morgaroths exist all around the Mayan Ruins in the underground parts, as well as rooftops. Most of the ground floor has been swarmed Mayan Draconises, which is something to keep in mind when exploring the new areas. Be safe, warriors!

The Mayan Ruins can be accessed through NPC Mystic Rick and alternatively through portal at Edron Boss Run 1 right after the BeLuna portal near the end of Boss Run 1. Players do not need the checkpoint to be activated in order to get teleported to the new area. You can simply travel there by paying 1 Gold Nugget to Mystic Rick without having activated the checkpoint!

More mysteries will appear at Yalahar as the area keeps expanding! :)

Posted by: God qut on 31.12.2019

A small year end patch for Outcastians

The magical EXP Graves have been moved to new locations!

General Updates
-Moved & reset 6 White XP Graves, they have been placed into new hidden locations
-XP Graves can now be clicked again to get massive amounts of XP and great rewards
-XP Graves also give +400% more XP now when clicked, compared to previous ones
-Soft Boots can now be sold to NPC Tirano anywhere around the realm for 125k
-Checkpoints and Resurrections are now reset more often throughout the day
-Fixed issues with various monsters spawning too quickly at Desert of Zenith area
-Added a lot more Ancient Shamans to make it easier to obtain the important fur
-Moved the Desert of Zenith Checkpoint closer to Boss Run II Checkpoint earlier
-Fixed issues with multiple hard bosses spawning in 0 seconds after dying
-Improved the placement of all monsters all around the Desert of Zenith areas
-Fixed multiple map glitches at the new area that were reported by Outcastians
-Fixed a serious glitch that allowed players to walk on water at the new area
-Removed a lot of Donkeys, Hybrids and other unnecessary bosses from the Desert
-Fixed issues with a couple of pyramids having buggy steps that got players trapped
-Removed odd brown tree at Cyclip Shield Quest that would block players randomly
-Nerfed Ancient Tigers and Ancient Lions as the EXP gained from them was too high
-Edited and made the Zombie Arena look quite a bit more visually appealing

We are set to go for an epic run in 2020. Happy New Year, Outcastians! :)

Posted by: God qut on 7.12.2019

A small Christmas Update for everybody

Even if Santa isnt going to visit your house, we sure will :)

General Updates
-Added a new massive area called the Desert of Zenith, new bosses and a quest
-Desert of Zenith can be accessed somewhere near the first part of Edron Boss Run II
-Placed 33 Graves all around the new area that can give massive amounts of XP
-Added one checkpoint to the Desert of Zenith that can be accessed at the city
-Added various houses to the new Desert city that can be purchased with gold nuggets
-Added info to !task system that shows how to obtain Queen Zenith Outfit
-Added following mid range monsters & mechanical bosses to the Desert of Zenith:
-Ancient Lions, Ancient Tigers, Ancient Shaman, Wizard Elroy III and Elroy IV
-300% Party XP Boost now happens randomly within a 60 minute window near set times
-Highered lootrate of the following items: Skyrider & Red Scorcher Set, Red Ruby Ring
-Following bosses were affected: Alpha, Zeta & Canopus Doradus, Vermithrax, Craak
-Wizard of Gamma & Visualis, Xarptorious, Vega Draconis, Helarctos Malayanus
-Added possibility of resetting Resurrection Teleports by various methods
-NPC Sir Mystic Rick now sells Resurrection Teleport resets for Gold Nuggets
-NPC Star Boy now has two tasks for resetting Resurrection Teleport Uses
-The Old Business Man NPC sells Resurrection Resets for Shop Points
-Sir Mystic Rick and Old Business Man NPCs also sell travels to the new Checkpoint
-Added possibility of returning back to the Checkpoint at the Corridors of Vermithrax
-Fixed bug where players would never turn to ghosts when dying by monster hits
-Fixed issues with Resurrection Teleports not resetting at midnight if player was off
-Fixed various spawns where monsters would appear again almost instantly after dying
-Added multiple new Christmas Monster Raids that happen throughout the day
-Added a whole new Christmas Theme all around the main city areas

The Desert of Zenith is the first one of a multi part content update. The Desert is part of a bigger Kingdom that will soon be revealed to everybody. Due to the massive size of the Kingdom, all the parts will be released separately as there will be an insane amount of areas to explore, bosses to fight and mysteries to solve. :)

There is an unimaginable amount of stuff waiting to be released, so this is just the beginning. Part I, so to speak. The focus in future updates is now on new areas, bosses, gear and all the good old awesome stuff! Enjoy the ride, everybody!

Christmas, Easter, Monday, whatever, we keep dropping these updates! :)

Posted by: God qut on 17.11.2019

Did you just wake up from the temple?

No worries, theres a new way to get back to where you died :)

General Updates
-Added a new feature that allows players to return back to their bodies if they die
-Baphomets Tool of Resurrection is inside player bodies and can used for returning
-The Tool holds a feature to receive lost EXP once monster loss comes active in future
-Added a room to the lower level of Temple where players must stand for a resurrection
-Resurrection TPs have a daily limit of 4 and get reset at the same time as CP Teleports
-Added 4 new Checkpoints: Boss Run I & II, Skyrider Mountain & BeLuna Corridors
-Fixed issues with various Checkpoints and monsters blocking them, including Boss Run II
-Fixed all issues with Double Loot and 300% Party Share Events not ending in 30 minutes
-Fixed over 30 overspawns all around the map that appeared after the spawn updates
-Fixed remaining issues with spawn times for various bosses based on their difficulty
-Teleport at the end of Oceanic Lizard Weapon Quest leads directly to Temple now
-Fixed issues with Dice not always executing & added higher randomization factor
-Added all the new checkpoints to both, NPC Sir Mystic Rick and NPC Starboy
-Optimized save times to be less noticeable under heavy server activity
-Winning Shop Points is now visible in all events and cannot be missed
-Removed Halloween Raids from the main City and returned the older raids
-Added a Winter Theme all around the city in preparation for Christmas
-Removed 200% Party Share bonus from being tied to Double Loot event
-Fixed issues with Sky Rider Village training area monks running out
-Fixed issues with player deaths not counting when killed by monsters

We keep em comin, all day, everyday, forever and ever, without a break! :)

Posted by: God qut on 20.10.2019

Faster than ever! So quick, so speedy!

Its time to throw all the old hunting habits out of the window!

Spawntime Changes

The spawntimes of over 20000 monsters have been improved and optimized. Various bosses and other high difficulty monsters now spawn 60% faster all around the map. Mid difficulty monsters such as Dark Wizards, Angels and others spawn roughly about 75% faster than before, meaning that their spawtime is somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes depending on the area. Low difficulty monsters spawn quickly everywhere by having a new spawntime of 2-4 minutes.

These changes allow people to switch up their hunting and exploration styles and farm bosses more easily, as well as grind levels and loot at easier areas without having to wait for new spawn all the time. This was a massive change and will absolutely have to be constantly improved, so let me know if you have any suggestions for anything, ever! :)

General Updates
-Improved quest flow at Boss Run II
-Nerfed Donkey Rider Lord and Very Evil Limp
-Added 3 new Halloween Raids that happen throughout the day
-Added a small Halloween theme around the main city for some fun
-Added a travel NPC to the top of the castle at the magic carpet in Edron
-Added more casual as well as shop houses to Edron
-Added a couple of new shop houses to the east side of Vroengard
-Made the Training Monk rooms available for players at the Sky Rider Village
-Updated all outfits to show the task requirements when trying to choose them

Stay tuned for some fun updates in the near future: New areas, fun items, bosses and features are coming! Also the much needed improvements in the Death Loss system and the balancing of the high level PvP are to be released shortly. :)

Watch out for them good old back spawns, you might run into a couple! :)

Posted by: God qut on 27.9.2019

Useful changes before a bigger update

Returning home from a deep quest is a whole lot easier now :)

General Updates
-Clicking any Checkpoint 5x will now teleport a player back to the Temple & Depot
-Added a +300% Party EXP Bonus event that happens a couple of times everyday
-Added Zenith Ring and Phantom Ring to the prize pool of the Zombie Event
-Changed the exit teleport of Oceanic Weapon quest to TP back to the beginning
-Fixed a critical bug allowing one free use of an EXP Rune without using the charge
-Reduced the total banishment time from 74 hours to 24 hours in total
-Renamed Quest Items: Ectoplasma Containers to Empty and Full Ectoplasma containers
-Changed various EXP Raid monster looks to newer era Outfits for the sake of change
-City Raid monsters like Visualis Ghosts and so forth wont run away on low HP anymore
-Outcast Pass is now always required when talking to NPC Mystic Rick
-Updated general Broadcaster with up to date information regarding Task NPCs
-Added a link to Discord that is shown by the broadcaster throughout the day
-Total Zombie Event Victory amount is now shown after announcing the Event winner
-Added a new page to the highscores showing who leads the Zombie Event win score
-Zombie Event automation cycle now starts 3 minutes after every restart
-Generally improved the new Zombie Arena to have a little bit more space

The new feature that allows players to return home from Checkpoints works as a prelude to the upcoming Phase II testing period of the new Death Loss system. Phase II will include features such as a small EXP Loss by monster deaths and so forth, as well as multiple cool new features to recover lost EXP and return back to your teammates at various deep quests.

Also, the private testing period for the High Level PvP Balancing has been concluded, and we will soon move on to bringing all the changes into the main server for further testing and experimenting together with all the Outcastians.

Even if the winter is coming, we'll always keep it scorching hot at Outcast :)

Posted by: God qut on 8.8.2019

Another lil miniature dwarven patch

Improvements for the zombie event and hunting grounds! :)

General Updates
-Improved Quest Flow at Boss Run II and placed multiple hard bosses in a better way
-Raised daily checkpoint uses from 2 to 4 a day, they still get reset at midnight
-Fixed a major glitch that would cause the Cyclip Shield upgrade process to fail
-Fixed multiple glitchy areas at the Cyclip Shield Quest that would prevent walking
-Added a new much more improved circle shaped Zombie Arena for the Zombie Event
-Changed Zombie look to better match their name, now they look like Mummies
-Disabled the ability to use Utevo Res Ina and turn into a Zombie during the event
-Made Zombie Event broadcaster clearer so that players see when the event is starting
-Aztec Draconis monsters at Magicians Creek now have a 50% faster Spawntime
-Zombie Events now happen daily every 2 hours instead of 3 hours
-Improved the entrance of Zombie Event to be more fluid
-Added Aztec Draconises to the Task Points List

We keep em comin, all day, everyday, forever and ever, without a break! :)

Posted by: God qut on 19.7.2019

New Boss Run and a Mage hunting spot

EXP Graves were also moved, so get ready for some exploration

General Updates
-Moved & reset White XP Graves, they have been placed into new hidden locations
-XP Graves can now be clicked again to get massive amounts of XP and great rewards
-Added 2 new Epic areas, Boss Run II: The Spaceship Landing Site & Magicians Creek
-Boss Run II can be found at the end of the old Boss Run in deep Edron
-Boss Run II has a chest somewhere that points the beginning of a future quest
-Creek of the Magicians is a wide hunting area designed specifically for Mages
-Added a new monster called Aztec Draconis to Creek of the Magicians area
-Magicians Creek can be found at the North East part of the Fallen Gods Labyrinth
-Added a new Checkpoint for the Magicians Creek area to NPC Mystick Rick
-Highered EXP Gained from Donkey Rider Lord and Surphyrion Maximus
-All teleports in the World have been made PZed again due to TP hopping
-Players can now travel to Edron from Vroengard boat even when PZ Locked
-Highered lootrate of Sky Rider Set & Red Ruby Ring for following bosses:
-Vermithrax, Zeta Doradus, Alpha Doradus, Very Evil Limp, The Sky Rider
-Added multiple new houses obtainable with crystal coins to Edron city

Its time to pull up and hop on the exploration train again, go crazy! :)

Posted by: God qut on 19.6.2019

A midsummer patch with sunglasses

I have no idea what to write here, sunglasses? Bonfires? Help!

Experimental Death Loss Weekend

The new Death Loss system will be activated almost all weekend (from 21st until 23rd). Use !deathloss command to see how the new Death Loss system works at its current state. The 0% Death Loss system will be activated 5 hours before the EXP Raid at 17:00 UTC+3 on Sunday during this experimental death loss test weekend!

General Updates
-Drastically improved and highered melee and spear hit damages to all bosses
-Using melee is now extremely useful due to high damage hits to bosses
-Improved Party Share EXP Bonus system to be more beneficial in huge teams
-Party Share will always give all team members atleast 25% of the monsters EXP
-Further improved !deathloss pop up window to show clear info regarding losses
-Mages, Paladins & Knights now have separate burst arrow damages
-Added Wild Growth spell for high magiclevel Sorcerers & Druids
-Magiclevel 80 is required to execute adevo grav vita spell and the rune
-Wild Growth can be destroyed like all fields by using destroy field rune
-Highered the time from 10 to 20 seconds when Wild Growth disappears
-0% Level Loss is activated during all City Wave raids now
-Removed Cyclip God and organized other bosses at Sky Rider CP 2
-Improved multiple Checkpoint landings to not block players
-Players can now follow other players even when PZ Locked
-Follow&Attack has also been activated due to the change
-Lowered the Defense & Armor in a major way from the following boss monsters:
-Train Monk, Evil Limp, Very Evil Limp, The Sky Rider, Sky Rider Knight, Surphyre,
-Surphyrion Maximus, Canopus, Alpha, Zeta Doraduses, Wizardrian Schmikkel & Hanurs,
-Durggel, Vermithrax, Barracuda Man, Shielded Warrior, Beheloniano Ultimato, Helarctos,
-Xarptorius, Xarptor, Xapter, Xarptorius, Bermudan & Andromeda & Vega Draconises,
-Dark Wizard, Red Ripper, Wizard of Gamma, Wizard of Visualis, Craak Yetiroth,
-Dark Overlord, Angel of Death, Mungrorath, Helarctos Malayanus, Hypergiant, Arctos

We will be firing up a nice bonfire right in the middle of the depot! :)

Posted by: God qut on 1.6.2019

The new Death Loss system is activate

Also, small fixes on top of the brand new death loss system!

The first version of the new Death Loss system has now been activated. This should be considered a type of testing version since various flaws need to be patched and improvements must be made for the system to reach perfection. For any suggestions and bug reports, contact Qut directly in game. We're taking baby steps with this new system, or something along the lines of that atleast. :)

In short, the mechanics of it work in the following manner:

1. You will only lose levels & experience if you get killed by a player
2. You will NOT lose any levels or experience if you get killed by a monster
3. You must use blessings and AOLs as you will drop EQ & BP no matter what kills you
4. If you have a Red Skull, you will drop all of your equipment if you die by any cause
5. You will NOT lose Skills or Magic Levels if you die, it is still 0% Loss for those two
6. Blessing charges will be used when you get killed by both players and monsters

General Updates
-Added a totally new Death Loss system to improve gameplay as detailed above
-Improved !deathloss command to show specific information regarding EXP loss
-Improved various Checkpoints to prevent players from blocking other players
-Updated login window to show up to date Death Loss information at all times
-Made K/D visible when looking at another player at the PvP Training Area
-Level and skill loss is now shown instantly in the skills window after death

Tread lightly, you might run into some wild people & creatures! :)

Posted by: God qut on 18.5.2019

A very mini, tiny & microscopic patch

Just throwing a few improvements in before a bigger update!

General Updates
-Removed paralyze from Andromeda Draconis and Dark Wizard
-Improved healing abilities of UH rune for high level knights
-Added possibility of using Points to travel to checkpoints
-The Old Business Man NPC sells Checkpoint travels for points
-Added new bosses to the ultra raid that happens before EXP Raid
-PvP Training characters now have infinite rune charges
-PvP Training characters also have new default bags on login
-Added a red notification when messaging someone who is offline
-Removed the automatic raids that executed on new player login
-Highered the experience gained from the following bosses:
-Wizard of Gamma, Wizard of Visualis, Red Ripper,
-Cyclip God, Arm of Doom, Helarctos Malayanus

I wish everybody a great and enjoyable weekend, see you in game! :)

Posted by: God qut on 25.4.2019

A mini patch with some small changes

New adventures for all the brave grave hunters out there!

General Updates
-Moved & reset White XP Graves, they have been placed into new hidden locations
-XP Graves can now be clicked again when found to gain massive amounts of XP
-Added 2 new Checkpoints around the Waterfalls of the Sky Rider area
-Added a bonus feature that activates 200% Party XP Boost during Double Loot
-Double Loot Event now happens more often during normal weekdays and weekends
-Disabled the ability to give Mana to other players during EXP Raid Event
-Disabled the ability to shoot Magicwalls and Energy Bombs during EXP Raid Event
-Pushing gets automatically disabled a few seconds before the EXP Raid begins
-Optimized quest flow and fixed overspawns at Waterfalls of the Sky Rider area
-Balanced out EXP Rates by decreasing the rate slightly on lower levels

Can you find the hidden EXP Graves, young warrior? I bet you can. Not. :)

Posted by: God qut on 1.4.2019

New area: Waterfalls of the Sky Rider

An epic area with new quests, hardcore bosses and gear!

General Updates
-Added a new massive area, 2 new Quests, gear and multiple epic bosses
-Oceanic Lizard Shield can now be upgraded to Sky Rider Shield through a Quest
-EXP Boost 4 Quest was also added to the Waterfalls of the Sky Rider Area
-Entrance to Waterfalls of the Sky Rider can be found at Fallen Gods Mountains
-Added information to Outcast Wiki regarding the new Shield Upgrade Quest
-The following new bosses were added to the Waterfalls of the Sky Rider area:
-King Aethelbald, Donkey Rider Lord, Surphyrion Maximus, Very Evil Limp,
-The Sky Rider, Zeta Doradus, Wizardrian Durggel, Schmikkel & Hanurs
-All the new epic boss monsters also give 50 Task Points when killed
-Added 33 Graves around the area that must be found to access final room
-Each Grave has a 40% chance of giving 2 to 9 million EXP when clicked
-Added 2 side Quest items that are also required to complete Shield Upgrade
-Fixed issue with Zombie Event showing wrong info when winning a full set

If you wear Speedos at the Waterfalls, you might get snapped in half, son.

Posted by: God qut on 4.3.2019

1 more patch before the real fun starts

EXP Graves, loot optimizations and new checkpoint features

General Updates
-Moved & reset EXP Graves, players can now find & click them at new locations
-EXP Graves now look like White Gravestones instead of Gravestone Tablets
-Added tasks to NPC Starboy which allow players to reset checkpoint uses
-Added ability to buy checkpoint reset from NPC Mystic Rick for 15 Gold Nuggets
-Changed Flash Outfit Graves to Electric Talisman Statues to avoid confusion
-Lowered spawn time of all bosses at Boss Run & added more Morgaroths there
-Made Kill/Death Ratio visible for PvP Training characters on the website
-Added possibility of creating Female characters in PvP Training area
-The following changes have been applied to the loot tables of these bosses
-Optimized rare & epic loot chances to better match boss difficulty for:
-Hydrocon, Craak Yetiroth, Wizard of Gamma & Visualis, Xarptorius,
-Xapter, Helarctos Malayanus, Alpha Doradus, Vega Draconis, Dark Overlord,
-Hypergiant, Arm of Doom, Mungrorath, Canopus Doradus, Barracuda Man,
-Beheloniano Ultimato, Sky Rider Knight, Beheloniano Brutal, Vermithrax
-Also removed unuseful items such as meats, gold coins from those bosses
-Fixed issue with mechanical bosses not working when killed by monsters
-Moved Cyclip God out of Beluna Checkpoint 2 due to it blocking entrance
-Moved Holy Knights from Plains Checkpoint 2 due to summons blocking entrance

If you go deep enough, you might find yourself bumping into an EXP Grave! :)

Posted by: God qut on 9.2.2019

tiny update before the huge update!

Is Bigfoot real? Where did Postman Pat disappear? Do the tasks!

General Updates
-Added 8 new epic difficulty tasks to NPC Starboy for Outfits and EXP Boosts
-Added 6 White Gravestone Tablets to very deep and hard to reach places
-Mystical Gravestones Tablets can give 5-14 million EXP when clicked
-Gravestone Tablets can also give EXP Vouchers and Golden Raptor Amulets
-The following 6 outfits now have long and tough tasks available:
-Skull Girl, Flash, Gandalf, Cobra, Jester & Postal Outfits
-EXP Boost 3 and EXP Boost 4 now have tasks available for them
-Added two new Task Boss Monsters related to Outfit Tasks
-Fixed issue with Oceanic Shield Graves not being counted correctly
-Made all city raid monsters close range to prevent accidental frags
-Raised automatic blessing level from 250 to level 350 for players
-Fixed Andromeda Draconis overspawn glitch at Oceanic Shield Quest
-Fixed issue with visual glitch caused by teleport out of Zombie Event
-Improved quest flow at Oceanic Lizard Weapons Quest in Tarid
-Fixed issue with monsters not respawning at low level quests at Desert
-Updated Zombie Event reward broadcaster with latest rewards and prizes

If you manage to find the mystical Bigfoot, do take a picture, please!

Posted by: God qut on 29.1.2019

Mini patching cause we are itching

itching for that major content update thats coming soon! :)

General Updates
-Added 3 more extremely distant checkpoints to the following quests
-Oceanic Lizard Weapon & Shield Quests, BeLuna Final Pyramid
-Adjusted pricing of all checkpoints to match their difficulty
-Boosted party share EXP Bonus from 10% to 30% when hunting in party
-Removed ability to gain 10% extra EXP alone by inviting players to party
-Highered the effect of magiclevel in dealing damage for high lvl mages
-Zombie Events now happen every 3 hours instead of every 4 hours
-Boosted the amount of shop points won from Zombie Event by 100%
-Boosted the amount of shop points from clicking Phoenix Statue by 100%
-Fixed issues with rare stairs causing a lift down when clicked

The first major content update of 2019 is coming soon, get ready for it! :)

Posted by: God qut on 31.12.2018

New Years Eve Patch, out with a bang

All Major Quest Now Have Multiple Checkpoints Along the way

General Updates
-Created 7 new Checkpoints around the following epic Quests:
-Labyrinth of the Fallen Gods, Dungeons of the Helarctos
-Underworld of Axxion, the Deep Lands of BeLuna
-Added possibility of buying a BP of SSAs from Al Estwel
-Improved Oceanic Lizard Weapon end room & fixed map glitches
-Improved auto broadcaster and added new data to show
-Improved and cleaned out the login window to be more precise
-Wrecked Ships final room can be entered multiple times now
-Fixed issue with !checkpoint command showing wrong total TPs
-Craak Yetiroth and King Robert Baratheon now give more EXP
-When trying to walk after dying a ghost animation can appear
-Fixed issues with auto monk attack not rarely working
-Connected multiple small World Islands to Vroengard
-Removed PZ from Elf Island boat teleport spot
-Made Xarptor bodies completely moveable

Happy New Year to all the Outcastians out there, 2019 will be awesome! :)

Posted by: God qut on 20.12.2018

Checkpoints, fixes and fun events

New Checkpoint system, Christmas events & Grinchy Dragons

General Updates
-Added a new quest checkpoint system to allow easier access to quests
-Created 2 Checkpoints at Plains of Gold and 2 at Lands of Mysticon
-Added info about Outcast Pass and Checkpoints to Outcast Wiki
-Double Loot will be activated randomly everyday during the Holidays
-Added the Checkpoint Teleport NPC Sir Mystic Rick to Edron Boat
-Made 2 day +75% XP Boosts purchaseable from NPC Skimeister Dunkkel
-Skimeister Dunkkel can be found roaming around Oceanic Lizard Quest
-Added temple locations at the end of Plains of Gold and Lands of Mysticon
-Added NPCs to both temples for residency change that costs 15 Gold Nuggets
-Added a couple of monk rooms and supply NPCs to both temple locations
-Created a system that resets checkpoint uses every midnight at 00:00
-Fixed issue with the Wiki page not updating properly for all players
-Added a command !checkpoint to show amount of checkpoints used per day
-Added a command !outcastpass to show information about your Outcast Pass
-Made !outcastpass and !checkpoint commands visible in the commands list
-Players will now automatically attack training monks anywhere on login
-Added a system that prevents pushing during massive EXP Raid events
-Added multiple new rewards such as full sets to the Zombie Event
-Highered chance of winning special prizes by 70% in Zombie Event
-Added EXP Boost Runes as loot to Evil Reindeers and Grinchy Dragons
-Added a nice Christmas theme around the main city, Vroengard
-Added Christmas Raids with Evil Reindeers and Grinchy Dragons
-Fixed issues with the No Skulls system during monster raids
-Dice can now break 1 out of 10k times when rolling it
-Made Dice animation colors clearer and more visible
-Added task points for the following monsters: Vermithrax,
-Barracuda Man, Shielded Warrior, Beheloniano Ultimato

Evil Reindeers and Grinchy Dragons are here, now what are you going to do?

Posted by: God qut on 28.11.2018

Is santa real? We'll see about that.

Keep pondering on such questions, its almost December afterall!

General Updates
-Added a feature that prevents people from trashing houses with items
-Fixed bug causing freezes in server due to players having massive VIP lists
-Added live data regarding current loot rate to the !deathloss message
-Gates at Fallen Gods Labyrinth wont close anymore when completing quest
-Added and improved Dice animation visibility by adding HIGH/LOW
-Optimized paralyzes in all bosses without affecting attack frequency
-Removed PZ from all teleports in world momentarily for testing purposes
-Fixed bugs at Corridors that allowed players to access it by skipping doors
-Added Priestess, Witch & Necromancer outfits to !task system for task points
-Fixed issues with EXP Raid timer in-game and made it take less space
-Fixed issues with Sky Rider Wand & Spear not dealing damage correctly
-Made zombies attack instantly in Zombie Event without player having to move
-Fixed issue with Zombies not always disappearing fully after event
-Added more information about tasks and cleared useless data from !task system
-Removed the PUFF animation that would appear when shooting unreachable target
-Updated Death message to appear less spammy and made it clearer
-Fixed issue where players would hit with fist while using certain wands
-Corrected Pirate Outfit requirement message when trying to choose it
-Fixed various mapping bugs in new areas reported by Outcastians
-Fixed issue with !task witch outfit using wrong task points and dialogue
-Reintroduced Outcast Pass and made it available for 350 CCs & 2500 Task Points
-You can buy Outcast Pass for 30 days with !task system or from NPC Skeeter Skurr
-Added the first Outcast Pass door to Beluna to access Corridors of Vermithrax

Fixed a few bugs before a bigger Christmas update, so stay tuned ya'll!

Posted by: God qut on 27.10.2018


Spooky, Scary and hardcore. Can you complete the quests?

General Updates
-Added Sky Rider Weapon Quest, multiple new bosses and two new areas
-The following new areas are part of the new weapon upgrade Quest:
-Island of the Wrecked Ships and Corridords of Vermithrax
-Added 6 Epic Bosses that can drop all of the rarest equipment sets
-Added access road to the new Quest inside the Fallen Gods Mountains
-Added and unlocked an expansion area to the grounds of BeLuna
-Added information regarding Oceanic Weapon Upgrade to Outcast Wiki
-Added 4 new Tasks to NPC Starboy related to unlocking new areas
-Added Pirate Outfit Task to NPC Starboy for males and females
-Added Dice to NPC Al Estwel for 1000 Crystal Coins or 10 Gold Nuggets
-Added Dice to the Shop Page for a total of 2000 Shop Points
-Perfected Dice functionality and added colorful animations to it
-Added a Pick to NPC Al Estwel at Vroengard Temple and Depot area
-Fixed issue with burst arrow damage animation being the wrong color
-Reverted paralyze decrease from last update due to bosses attacking too fast
-Fixed issue with monster kill count staying after cancelling a task midway
-Added an automatic EXP Raid Countdown broadcaster that shows event info
-Optimized all Halloween raids and the frequencies that monsters spawn in
-Removed and replaced overly flashy burst attack animation from Draculas
-Added Orion Trixus to the boat of Island of the Wrecked Ships
-Fixed issues with all fluid containers and returned their functionality
-Fixed issue with summons not instantly attacking on rare occasions
-Fixed multiple mapping errors reported by lovely Outcastians

Grind some tasks, fight some bosses and wear a Pumpkin on your head! :)

Posted by: God qut on 18.10.2018

A few extra fixes, some small, some big!

The major halloween update is closing so stay tuned!

General Updates
-Added 3 new Halloween raids that happen randomly throughout the day
-15 Wave Halloween raids will now automatically happen multiple times a week
-Added EXP Vouchers and other rares to the loot table of Halloween monsters
-Double Loot will now automatically activate for 30 minutes 5 times per week
-Manarunes now add slightly more mana on higher level for Sorcererers & Druids
-Fixed a major bug where players would suddenly turn invisible at random spots
-Fixed bug with red Attack Square not leaving randomly when target moved up
-Optimized FPS at EXP Raid area by removing all spells from EXP Raid bosses
-Lowered the rate at which multiple hardcore bosses paralyze players
-Added a more updated downloadable Client Minimap to the Wiki Page

Are you ready to face the Halloween monsters, are you strong enough yet?

Posted by: God qut on 2.10.2018

Yep, another little patchy patch!

This time a couple critical issues were fixed to save the world!

General Updates
-Added new epic ultra rare ring only lootable from the hardest bosses
-Red Ruby Ring of the Gods has a very high level of protection and HP/MANA regen
-Removed frags, red skulls and bans from every single player on the server
-Released extensive Client Minimap for download at
-Added stats of various EQ sets, rings and other weapons to the Wiki of Outcast
-Added 2 new lootable hidden outfits called King and Queen Zenith for players
-White and Yellow skulls cannot be gained during raids to prevent skull hunting
-Added possibility of buying full backpacks of food from NPC Foodlar
-Added possibility of buying various types of runes in backpacks from NPC Presko
-Fixed issue with blood splatters at times causing visual glitches on the map
-Added an announcement for all raids that marks the end of the current wave
-Fixed a rare issue with containers disappearing when purchased from an NPC
-Fixed issue with money getting stuck on the ground when NPC returns excess coins
-Fixed issue with !task maxpoints taking all current points off when used
-Fixed description for Backpack of the Gods to show its Armor Level correctly
-Fixed issue with certain level doors showing wrong level requirement
-Fixed issue with green mushroom written wrong and not being purchaseable
-Added correct up-to-date HP/MANA regen description to all current rings
-Added option of purchasing a customized house to the Shop Page

Fix a thing, fix five, fix a thousand things, we are on a path to perfection! :)

Posted by: God qut on 17.9.2018

More tasks, more patching, more fun!

Multiple new tasks, minor fixes and other useful updates!

General Updates
-Added 3 Mystery Outfits to !task system that work with task points:
-!task outfit shielded warrior, crossed warrior and golden warrior
-Added 15 new tasks to NPC Starboy for all the following older generation outfits:
-Football Outfit, Elf & Dwarf Outfit, Walker Outfit, Spikey Outfit,
-Warrior Outfit, Ski Outfit, Jordan Outfit, Darky Girl Outfit
-Added a new currency called Gold Nugget which equals to 100 Crystal Coins
-Added possibility to convert 100 Crystal Coins to 1 Gold Nugget by right clicking
-Added possibility of buying backpacks of manarunes, sds, uhs & magicwalls
-Added information regarding Outfits to
-Migrated rules from forum to Wiki at
-Made warnings more visible when player is 1 frag away from Red Skull
-Added possibility of winning Full Zenith & Templar Set at once from Zombie Event
-Characters under level 160 can now be deleted without confirmation
-PvP Training Server characters can now be deleted anytime
-Lowered damage of the following spells in PvP Training Server:
-Exevo Gran Mas Vis, Exevo Mort Hur, Exevo Death Hur
-Removed Energy Bombs from PvP Training Server
-Fixed major issues at the dialogue of NPC Starboy
-Centaurs give 0 Task Points now due a possibility of abusing them
-Fixed an issue where Speed Test Zone trees would not always unlock
-Multiple houses have been made available at Lithgow, Fendal, Aberon & Tarid
-Added multiple new depots and protection zone to Edron Depot
-Fixed a missing grave at the Oceanic Shield Upgrade Quest
-Fixed issue with Beluna & Oceanic Shield graves showing wrong number
-Exana Tera spell removes Paralyze once executed
-Removed Durrion II completely from BeLuna

Its time to start the grind for new epic Outfits! To be continued... :)

Posted by: God qut on 23.8.2018

Pushing a patch before a bigger update

Added new features, improvements and fixes for Outcastians

General Updates
-Added 16 new outfits that will slowly become accessible
-Added all old and 10 new outfits available to the Shop Page
-Added 13 completely new looking monster skins
-Added a new task NPC to Edron boat called Starboy
-Added 5 new monster tasks to Starboy NPC at Edron
-Added a Rat Outfit Task to Starboy NPC at Edron
-Added a Speedtest Zone to the underground floor of Temple
-Added possibility of travelling to Edron to Shalan Windmaster NPC
-Improved dialogue on multiple NPCs including the new Task NPC
-Added a feature where the total and spent amount of shop points is shown
-Modified !expboost command to show the specific EXP Boost a player has
-Fixed issues with !info showing completely incorrect info
-Fixed issues with first task started giving wrong number of monster kills
-Returned PUFF for being exhausted by any type of a spell
-Added PUFF for shooting runes into unreachable places
-Removed double Mordar at Vroengard NPC House
-Fixed issues with task point system showing too precise numbers
-Fixed issues with food timer showing wrong time when full
-Optimized server performance and fixed a rare stutter glitch
-Fixed multiple errors in mapping reported by Outcastians

We'll be releasing some fun content updates soon, so stay tuned! :)

Posted by: God qut on 5.7.2018

Integrated a PvP Training Server

Become a top pvp gamer at the pvp training server right now!

General Updates
-Integrated the PvP Training Server into the Main Server
-Added an option to create a character to "PvP Training" World
-Made all characters automatically become fully geared 150 level Mages
-Added specific kill counter that shows kills by saying !kills command
-Removed the old PvP Training World that had a separate Client

PvP Training Server
The PvP Training Server has been integrated into the main server. You can now create a character at the PvP Training Area by choosing the "PvP Training" option in the "World" option when creating a new character. This integration allows anybody to login to the PvP Training Area with the main Outcast Client without having to download a separate client. You can also message players in the main server and call your buddies to PvP with you more easily, as the PvP Training area exists within the main server now.

All characters created on the "PvP Training" World are level 150 Mages with a full Templar Set and multiple backpacks full of various types of runes, this allows the players to focus on training their skills without having to worry about losing levels or gear.

Join the PvP Training Server and start hitting SDs like a real Outcast pro! :)

Posted by: God qut on 29.6.2018

Some new mid-tier Quests and areas

Its time to equip your sets and go explore the new epic areas!

General Updates
-Added 3 new mid-tier Quests, 1 set & expansion areas to Aberon & Snowmania
-3 new Quest rewards: Magic Plate Armor, Dragon Scale Legs & Dark Warrior Set
-Added info to explaining how to obtain Dark Warrior Set
-Added an 8 day +75% EXP Boost to every player beginning from 29th of June
-Added an EQ set called the Red Scorcher Set which is superior to Sky Rider Set
-Highered rate for looting a full Mariana, Sky Rider or Red Scorcher Set
-Added 1 or more portals mid quest that lead home at the following areas:
-Zeniths Upgrade Quest, Fallen Gods Quest, Dungeons of Helarctos,
-Underworld of Axxion, Plains of Gold, Lands of Mythicon & BeLuna
-Added a feature that shows the amount of seconds until you can eat more
-Fire Mushroom now fills your food up to the maximum at one click
-Fixed issues with Green Mushroom not disappearing when consumed
-Added a custom format in Deaths Log for PvP Training Server deaths
-Removed all monsters from the final room of Cyclip Robe Quest
-Improved Football Trophy Quest & Made the Trophy sellable to Tirano
-Fixed issues with Craak Slayer set not giving maximal HP/MANA regen
-Soft Boots now give the same haste as Boots of Haste

Remember to join the wild EXP Raid that is held on every Sunday evening! :)

Posted by: God qut on 19.5.2018

Arrival of the legendary area Be'Luna

May the adventure begin, It's going to be a tough journey!

General Updates
-Added Be'Luna, a massive area with multiple hardcore quests and new items
-Be'Luna can be accessed from the newer extended part of Boss Run in Edron
-Added a new EQ set called Craak Slayer's Set which is an upgrade from Cyclip Set
-The follow items are needed to upgrade Craak Slayer's Set:
-Cyclip Helmet, Cyclip Armor, Cyclip Robe, Cyclip Legs, Cyclip Boots
-Added multiple mechanical bosses all around the new area
-Added possibility of upgrading Templar Knight's Set to Draconian at Zenith Quest
-Added instructions for set upgrade to
-Added a video showing how to access Be'Luna to
-Added a feature that shows if Death Loss is 0% or not in real time in login window
-Added a command !deathloss that shows the current death loss rates
-Added an exit back to Temple and Depot area from Fallen Gods Area
-Highered chances of winning donor gear and EXP Vouchers from Zombie Event
-Made Steel and Avenger Spears purchaseable from NPC Quintus Birdleg
-Added Stone Skin Amulets to NPC Al Estwel for 3.7 Crystal Coins a piece
-Removed Durrion and Cyclip Boss from the end of Cyclip Robe Quest
-Removed MOTD that used to show up before logging in to the game

Lets get ready to rumble, the epic adventure begins right now! :)

Posted by: God qut on 20.4.2018

Paving the way for a bigger update!

We'll be releasing some new content very soon, stay tuned!

General Updates
-Added multiple new houses and apartments to Vroengard
-Added multiple new houses to Valmoor near the boat
-Added various new bosses to the Boss Run in Edron
-Added a Tutor channel for level +400 players
-Extended Boss Run in Edron in preparation to release new updates
-Fixed issue with high skill percentage showing incorrectly
-Fixed issue with EXP showing as 0 in client on very high levels
-Highered chance of winning EXP Boosts & Other Gear at Zombie Event
-Removed orange spell spam when players are exhausted
-Removed PZ from many places in Valmoor for more accessibility
-Improved training monk area login spot system
-Improved temple safety features when logging in on the sides
-Improved various signs around the server to include more info
-Added !servinfo & !serverinfo commands that imitate !info
-Updated latest EXP rates to be visible in !info

I wish everybody a great summer, lets enjoy it to the maximum!

Posted by: God qut on 17.3.2018

Continuing to patch things up, forever

Unlocked areas, new rare gear and a few small fixes

General Updates
-Added a clip on how to access Lands of Mysticon to
-Added information regarding Cyclip Shield Upgrade to
-Opened passage to Cyclip Shield Upgrade due to Quest being too difficult
-Removed hidden door opening mechanics to adjust difficulty to easier
-Added an additional surprise reward to the Cyclip Shield Upgrade Quest
-Added ultra rare items as a possible extra reward to the Zombie Event
-Added a new EQ Set called Sky Rider Set that includes weapons and shield
-Sky Rider Gear are superior to Mariana's Set & Oceanic Lizard Weapons
-Hardcore bosses have a rare chance of dropping full Sky Rider Set at once
-Fixed various mapping errors in the new areas reported by Outcastians
-Adjusted spawn times of many bosses at the new area to improve quest flow
-Fixed issues with Zeniths Upgrade Quest levers not functioning properly

The doors to Cyclip Shield Upgrade have been unlocked permanently!

Posted by: God qut on 10.3.2018

Hardcore areas, bosses and equipment

A new area with multiple Quests and Bosses has been added

General Updates
-Added 1 huge area, 3 new Quests, 15 new bosses and multiple new items
-Lands of Mysticon can be found behind Wizard of Visualis at Fallen Gods Quest
-Cyclip Shield can be upgraded to Oceanic Lizard Shield at Lands of Mysticon
-Butterfly Kit 3, Botanists Container 3 & Cyclip Shield are needed to upgrade
-Butterfly Kit 3 and Botanists Container 3 can be found by exploring the areas
-Added a new armor called Cyclip Robe that can be obtained by completing a quest
-Wearing Cyclip Robe with rest of the Cyclip Set gives a boost to HP/MANA Regen
-Added a quest for 2 day +75% EXP Boost Rune, the quest can be found at new area
-Added Orion Trixus NPC to the mid part of the area for a safe return back home
-Added multiple portals to the Quests that lead back to the Temple & Depot area
-Added new Quest Mechanics that can be seen by going to the Lands of Mysticon
-The mechanics include things such as new ways of opening locked passages
-Added multiple new Mechanical Bosses that execute actions when killed
-Optimized movement/speed in a major way which results in smoother gameplay
-Changed Edron Pass name to Outcast Pass, it will be used for quests in future
-All 15 of the new bosses now give 45 task points per kill

See you online at the epic events during the weekend!

Posted by: God qut on 25.1.2018

Added some fixes to start the year

Patching things up to start 2018 smoother than ever before

General Updates
-Added new Gaming Sessions playlist to our Official Youtube Channel
-Added instructions on how to recover a lost account on the website
-Added a new item called Amulet of Infinity, which is an infinite AoL
-Amulet of Infinity costs 500 CCs from Al Estwel & Blessimus Smeagol
-Alternatively it can be purchased from the shop for 1300 Shop Points
-Added a new set called Templar Knights Set to the Shop
-Templar Knights Set is identical to Zeniths Set, except for its look
-The following items were removed from the Donation Shop:
-Crystal Arrow, Pink Bunny Slippers, Boots of Purple Blood,
-Warlord Armor, Amazon Armor, Amazon Helmet, Osiris Mask,
-Tribal Mask, Finger Ring of the Hasty, Post Officers Hat
-Removed the ability to use magic walls during the Zombie Event
-Added the following new special rewards to the Zombie Event:
-Golden Raptor's Amulet, Pieces of Templar Knights Set
-2 or 8 Day EXP Boost Voucher Runes, 2 secret extra rewards
-Lowered amount of CCs from 20 to 10 as the reward of Zombie Event
-Fixed various mapping errors at Plains of Gold reported by Outcastians
-Added signs with descriptions of rewards and rules to the Zombie Event
-Modified broadcast message of Zombie Event to include its rewards
-Added a teleport back to the teleport World from the Sibang Island
-Fixed signs at the Boss Run to show correct directions for travellers
-Removed PZed tiles that blocked movement at Cyclip Shield Quest
-Fixed map bug which blocked entrance to the Fallen Gods Labyrinth
-The following bosses now give 45 task points per kill:
-Helarctos Malayanus, Alpha Doradus, Arm of Doom, Hydrocon,
-Xarptorius, Red Ripper, Mungrorath, Dark Overlord, Cyclip God

Forum Updates & Changes
-We have transitioned from InvisionFree forums to Zetaboards forums
-Various Forum Sections were combined to make the forum more readable
-Fixed issues with Login Form not loading on the forums
-Added 8 new Themes that are available to all users

Our Forums can be found at

Lets have a good and prosperous 2018, we'll be dropping a lot of content! :)

Posted by: God qut on 17.12.2017

Happy Holidays to everyone out there

Dropping an epic Christmas present for all the Outcastians

General Updates
-Added 1 massive area, 3 new Quests, 6 new bosses, a new EQ set and an epic shield
-The new area, Plains of Gold, can be accessed by going to Xapter at the Labyrinth
-Added a Clip to Youtube at showing how to access the area
-Added info to Outcast's wiki at about EQ & Shield Upgrades
-Plains of Gold area has 1 EQ & Shield Upgrade & Golden Raptor Amulet Quest
-The following items are needed to Upgrade Dark Overlord Set to Cyclip Set:
-Full Dark Overlord Set, Tail of Darkness, Ice Stalagmite, Silver Brooch,
-Stone Herb, Botanists Container 2, Butterfly Kit 2, Morgaroths Heart & Giant Eye
-All of the items can be obtained at Plains of Gold except for collectibles
-These items are needed to Upgrade Tusk, Rose, Shield of Honour to Cyclip Shield:
-Eagle, Blessed & Tempest Shields & 1 of the following: Rose, Tusk or Honour Shield
-The following new bosses were added including 4 new spell animations for them:
-Hydrocon, Helarctos Malayanus, Xarptorius, Cyclip God, Arm of Doom, Alpha Doradus
-Added a new christmas raid with Evil Reindeers that can drop rares in a Christmas Box
-Added 3 new unknown mystical weapons that are dropped by the hardest bosses
-Added NPC called Orion Trixus to the end of Plains of Gold for easy access back home
-New Set, Cyclip Set, gives faster HP & MANA Regen than any previous Upgrade Set
-New Cyclip Shield gives extra protection and tops previous shields with ARM & DEF
-Added a chance for special prizes at the Zombie Event during Christmas time
-Added a system that automatically & randomly drops Christmas Presents around the city
-Fixed multiple overspawns at Dark Overlord Set Quest & Helarctos Set Quest
-Fixed various small mapping glitches and other glitches reported by Outcastians

I wish everybody happy & peaceful holidays, catch you all in-game!

Posted by: God qut on 22.11.2017

Bugs were fixed, things were added

A small amount of fixes and improvements have been added

General Updates
-Created a new Wiki for the Outcast located at
-Added a few Clips to our Youtube Channel at
-Added a portal leading to temple at the end of Wand Upgrade Quest
-Fixed various map bugs reported by Outcastians at Underworld of Axxion
-Fixed a bug with Aether and Aratron Wand giving 2 extra magic levels
-Added Dark Overlord, Helarctos, Red Ripper & Mungrorath to the Boss Run
-Added one extra Morgaroth to the beginning of the Boss Run in Edron
-Added Marianas Set to loot drops of Red Ripper, Mungrorath and Dark Overlord
-Added Aether & Aratron Wands to loot drops of Osiris & Red Ripper
-Added detailed descriptions to all the portal signs in the World
-Returned old portals leading to the Monkey & Elven Islands inside the World
-Added 3 Necropharuses all around Tarid and 1 Dharalion to Elven Island
-Optimized the World for higher FPS & smoother gaming experience
-Fixed various map bugs reported by Outcastians all around the World area

See you online at the epic events during the weekend! :)

Posted by: God qut on 12.11.2017

Bosses, wands, equipment & quests

New bosses, wands, EQ sets and quests have been added today

General Updates
-Added 3 new Quests, 5 Bosses, 2 Epic Wands & 1 Ultra Rare Equipment Set
-Underworld of Axxion, the quest area, can be found at the Boss Run in Edron
-New superior set, Dark Overlord Set can be Upgraded from the Helarctos Set
-Most items for the Set Upgrade can be obtained by opening chests at the Quest
-Tear of Daraman must first be obtained by going to a Quest at Qutors Grove
-The following items are needed to upgrade to the Set of the Overlord:
-Frozen Starlight, Tear of Daraman, Butterfly Conservation Kit
-Botanists Container, Panda Bear & a full Helarctos Equipment Set
-Endymion or Archmage Wands can be Upgraded to Aratron or Aether Wands
-Both Aratron & Aether Wands are superior to Endymion & Archmage Wands
-The following collectibles are needed to Upgrade your wand to a new one:
-Purple Essence, Colourful Feather, Hydra Head & 1 Wand: Archmage or Endymion
-Removed feature where Big Boxes would disappear when stepped on
-Highered Def/Arm of Joy Ring and all parts of Marianas Set
-Highered HP/MANA regeneration speed given by full Marianas Set
-Highered the damage inflicted by Oceanic Lizard Wand
-Added a new High EXP & Loot raid that will be executed at random times daily
-Added 2 new Raid monsters which are called Hurricanius and Sculptor
-Raised PZ Lock time when hitting a player from 1 to 2 minutes
-Raised EXP gained from Bermudan Draconis to 15k

Watch out, by entering the Underworld of Axxion you will meet your maker!

Posted by: God qut on 20.10.2017

Big Bears, bigger Paws & dead bodies

New equipment sets, rings, quests & fixes were added

General Updates
-Added 1 new Quest, 2 Epic Equipment Sets, 1 Epic Ring & 2 new Bosses
-Added a clip showing how to access the new Quest on Youtube (View clip)
-Added a new NPC War Monger that only lets lvl 100-150 players join Newb Wars
-One of the new EQ sets named Helarctos Set is superior to Fallen Gods Set
-Dungeons of Helarctos Quest begins where the Fallen Gods Labyrinth ends
-Helarctos Set can be created by upgrading the Fallen Gods Set at the Dungeon
-The following items are needed in order to create the Helarctos Set:
-Fallen Gods Set, Morgaroth Baby, Phoenix Statue, Illuminati & Frozen Heart
-The new epic ring, Joy Ring, is superior to Bonesmen & Black Potatoe rings
-A new epic EQ set called Marianas Set is superior to Oceanic Lizard Set
-Marianas Set and Joy Ring are dropped dropped by the following bosses:
-Canopus Doradus, Hypergiant, Wizard of Visualis & Helarctos
-New Bosses are called Helarctos and Arctos, both are located at the Dungeon
-Added 4 new spell animations that are spread between the main bosses
-Fire Mushroom now fills your food to the maximum with only one bite
-Optimized FPS during the EXP Raid events by lowering boss spell frequency
-Added various new automated raids that are executed at random times
-Fixed a critical glitch where a strong monster rune could be obtained
-Fixed an issue with monsters summoning to unreachable places during raids
-Fixed wrong text in a sign pointing to Edron at Qutors Grove Entrance
-Added explanation of the !collectibles command to Patriarch Scorcher NPC
-Fixed multiple overspawns all around Angel of Death spawns at Edron
-Fixed multiple mapping bugs reported by Outcastians at the Fallen Gods Labyrinth

Be prepared, the new Upgrade Quest is full of deadly surprises!

Posted by: God qut on 26.9.2017

Multiple small fixes added to the game

remember to Join the EXP Raid and other events this weekend

General Updates
-Fixed issue with players logging outside of temple in rare cases
-Fixed various spelling errors at the Old Business Man NPC
-Added Vroengard, the Main City, to all of the Boat NPCs dialogues
-Made gaining levels by using !task points easier for players under level 250
-Updated !skulls and !frags messages to include more detailed data about frags
-Updated website and other info commands in-game to show latest data about frags
-Nerfed King Robert Baratheon by lowering the amount of holy knights summoned
-Fixed bug with players losing skills with bless amulets during no loss event
-Fixed various mapping errors all around the map reported by Outcastians
-Highered amount of slots available in the bodies of dead players
-Fixed various overspawns at the Edron & Tarid quests

Get online and get your grind on for the weekend!

Posted by: God qut on 15.9.2017

changes in the Skulls & Frags System

All skulls, frags and bans have been removed completely

Skull & Frag System Updates
-Everyone's Red Skulls have been deleted
-Everyone's Frags have been completely removed
-All the players that were banished have been unbanished
-Red Skull time has been decreased from 10 days to 4 days
-Ban time has been decreased from 7 days to 3 days
-Frag time has been decreased from 10 hours to 7 hours
-PZ lock after hitting a player is now 1 minute instead of 3 minutes

Its time to get the battles going, come join us on the battlefields!

Posted by: God qut on 12.8.2017

New wild quests & various events!

Are you brave enough to enter the Labyrinth of the Fallen Gods?

General & Map Updates
-Added 2 new Quests that are both located at the same place in Edron
-Added a clip to our Youtube Channel showing how to find the Quests
-Added an epic new equipment set called the set of the Fallen Gods
-Labyrinth of the Fallen Gods Quest is meant for upgrading the Draconian Set
-Edron Pass has been made free for all during the whole weekend
-Added Battle Spear to the loot table of an Orshabaal
-Fixed a bug with players losing Magic & Skills during 0% Death Loss
-Fixed grammar errors when announcing rewards from winning Zombie Event
-Fixed issues with !commands list window being overly big
-Fixed issues with players having PZ lock during Zombie Event
-Added new animations when cashing in Shop Points from the Statue

Come and experience the fun together with the Outcastians!

Posted by: God qut on 1.8.2017

Client update, EXP Raids & Double Loot!

More updates to the client will be released soon, be prepared!

Optional Client Update
-More optimized walking & movement
-Auto re-connect & login on disconnect
-Auto attack monks on login everytime
-Corrected Cap value in Health Window
-A wider range of FPS targets available in options
-Added Ctrl+F hotkey for fullscreen mode
-Improved client security and encryption
-Various other minor improvements

Download the updated Client by clicking this!

Report any issues with the client in-game to God Qut & GM Limp!

Posted by: God qut on 20.7.2017

Throwing a few fixes in for the summer

Updated & New Zombie Event rewards and multiple bug fixes

General Updates
-Permanently doubled the loot rate of Oceanic Lizard Equipment Set
-Permanently doubled the loot rate of Rotating Black Potatoe & the Bonesmen rings
-Added a feature where players will NOT lose charges from amulets on 0% Death Loss
-Added a feature where Red Skulled players will NOT lose gear on 0% Death Loss
-Added a prize to Zombie Event, now winners get 20 Crystal Coins and 10 Shop Points
-Changed Zombie Event timer from every 2 hours to every 4 hours
-Changed the floor where Zombie Event pass is located, it can be found more easily now
-You now get 3 Shop points by clicking the Golden Phoenix of Outcast every +3 Age
-When over Age 100, you get 3 Shop Points everyday. +200 Age players get 6
-Fixed a rare glitch that would allow certain players to double attack at the training area
-Rolled back the skills that were obtained by the players through the usage of this glitch
-Raised Shop price of FragSkull Removal from 400 to 1850 points
-Added Edron Pass to Shop for 1100 points (Buy in-game for 350CCs or 2.5k TaskPoints)
-Fixed errors in all the exit signs pointing how to leave the Oceanic Lizard Quest
-Added a new feature where players automatically attack Training Monks on login
-Added an info message explaining why, when and where the automatic attack happens
-Fixed an issue where a player wouldnt attack a training monks at certain rooms
-Highered Task Points gained from Delphian & Elemental Draconis, Adonis Yetiroth
-Lowered Task Points gained from the following monsters: Oxidian, Winged Dragon of Ra
-Updated !task monsters - list to match the latest updates
-Fixed various grammatical and other errors in signs all around the server

I wish all the Outcastians a great summer, let's have a blast!

Posted by: God qut on 30.5.2017

the massive improvements continue

Zombie Event Rewards, new items and various fixes!

General Updates
-Added multiple new videos to the Outcast's Youtube channel
-Added 7 new houses near Vroengards second depot
-Highered lootrate of all new epic gear in all new bosses
-Added a new lootable epic shield called the Oceanic Lizard Shield
-Added !promotion command to simplify the purchase of a promotion
-Modified new Boss Run area by placing bosses more evenly
-Canopus Doradus & Hypergiant will not run away on low HP anymore
-Speeded up the Spawntime of Canopus Doradus, Wizard of Visualis & Hypergiant
-Speeded up the Spawntime of Demons & Orshabaals at Elites Land hunt spot
-Fixed issues with Dark Wizards overspawning near the Edron Boss Run
-Added a test reward of 50 platinum coins for winning the Zombie Event

Come win some money and other gear at the Zombie and EXP Raid events!

Posted by: God qut on 24.5.2017

New Quest Reward & Various Fixes

A new quest reward, new areas, tweaks & improvements!

General Updates
-Added 1 new epic item to the new Quest
-Heavily modified & improved the new quest areas
-Various collectibles are required to get the new reward
-Changed animation combination of Oceanic Lizard Wand to Fire&Energy
-Purple fires and dead boss bodies are marks for bosses being near
-Created various 1 SQM passages that are marked for blocking new bosses
-Created 1 TP that leads home in the middle part of the quest
-Nerfed Donkey Rider boss slightly and marked areas where it resides
-Fixed issues and improved dialogue at the Old Business Man NPC
-Added a new area called Boss Run that connects Xarptor & Morga spawn
-New Boss Run area at Edron has the following monsters added to it:
-2 Xarptors & Morgaroths, 1 Canopus Doradus, 1 Hypergiant & 1 Wizard of Visualis
-Highered the droprate of Rotating Black Potatoe & Bonesmen rings
-Highered the droprate of ultra rare Oceanic Lizard Set & other rares
-Added a sign that warns players of an Osiris at Vroengard Warlocks
-Edited the SQM where a player gets teleported at the Osiris spawn
-Added an option to purchase a 30 day Edron Pass to the Shop
-Added Task Points to following new & old bosses:
-Donkey Rider, Evil Limp, King Robert Baratheon, Hypergiant
-Canopus Doradus, Wizard of Visualis, Andromeda Draconis
-Fixed issues with missing monsters in the !task monsters list
-Fixed various map glitches in the deep hunting spots at Snowmania
-Added War, Calypso & Raptor Trolls to a small spot to west at Snowmania
-Fixed issue with multiple EXP Boosts being activated simultaneously
-Lowered Ring Prices: Time 100k->50k, Mighty 50k->30k, RoH 30k->20k
-Fixed a bug where players were able to make characters with monster names
-Dark Star Set can now be sold at NPC Tirano in all the cities
-Tempest Shield can now be sold at NPC Tirano everywhere

Epic gear & EXP Vouchers will be dropped during this weeks EXP Raid!

Posted by: God qut on 12.5.2017

New Quests, Bosses, Gear & Other Stuff

The new bosses are here, load up for some insane battles!

Map, Monster, Gear & General Updates
-Added 3 new hardcore Quests deeply hidden somewhere in Tarid
-1 extremely long & epic Quest with 2 choosable side quests
-Added 7 new bosses to the Quests and elsewhere
-Added 2 new lootable super rare sets to bosses
-Added 2 new lootable ultra rare rings to bosses
-Added over 8 new super rare weapons for all vocations
-Reconfigured the loots of all bosses to include latest gear
-The following bosses drop new gear: Learneaen Hydra
-Morgaroth, Hybrid, Xarptor, Xapter, Osiris, Hypergiant
-Andromeda Draconis, Wizard of Visualis, Canopus Doradus
-Hypergiant, Donkey Rider, Evil Limp, King Robert Baratheon
-Raised EXP Rate from 3x to 4x between levels 250-300
-Raised EXP Rate from 1x to 2x between levels 300-350
-Raised 255x rune charge Age requirement to 60 instead of 35
-Redesigned multiple hunting spots all around the server
-Aberon Hydras, Dragon Lords and Warlocks have been heavily modified
-Jungle Hydras have been edited as well to include a new boss
-Fixed an error with magiclevel stages not working properly
-Fixed various glitches in the newer parts of the map
-Fixed multiple game related issues reported by players

Come and join us for some epic questing and looting this weekend!

Posted by: God qut on 19.4.2017

Patching a few things up this week!

Get ready to meet the new epic bosses at the new quests soon!

General Updates
-Added multiple new videos to the Outcast's Youtube channel
-Fixed various glitches in the map all around
-Fixed a serious bug causing invisibility at Demon Hell entrance
-Added new stages for gaining more rune charges with Age
-You will now get 150x charges after Age 20, 255x after Age 35
-Improved FPS even more at the Teleport World
-Added a sign to Golden Mace quest that explains the destination
-EXP Vouchers are now items that can be activated anytime, also traded
-Added a 50x charged bless amulet to Shop called Baphomet's Medallion
-Every type of furniture comes in a container now to prevent abusing
-Added a new !collectibles command that shows the list of collectibles
-Fixed problems with dialogue when buying runes from NPC Presko
-Removed all magiclevel limitations from all vocations
-Magiclevels can now be gained normally at higher levels
-Made Zombie Event broadcast clearer and easier to read
-Added new stages for cashing out free Shop points by age
-You will get one shop point per every Age after you reach Age 100
-You will get 3 shop points per every Age after you reach Age 200
-Added a link to to !collectibles list
-Fixed issues with players losing levels when wearing amulets in WAR events
-Fixed an issue where players were able to shoot offscreen by using a glitched table
-Updated !task monsters list to include newest and latest bosses and other monsters
-Improved automatic character placement system at the monks, starts from S-E corner

Get online, get on and get it on, lets go and get it!

Posted by: God qut on 29.3.2017

Raids & wars along with some new fixes!

New quests and bosses will be added in the upcoming updates!

General Updates
-Fixed issue with Full Attack not working with the red fist on
-Fixed a visual bug with tapestries, they can now be used again inside a house
-Containers purchased from furniture seller Orban can only be opened inside a house
-Returned over 20 old items to the furniture seller NPC called Orban
-Fixed issue with Steel Spear Quest not working
-Made Zombie event announcement easier to notice
-Added multiple new "Help & Tutorial" messages for new players
-Fixed issues with Adonis Yetiroth not giving task points
-Optimized FPS in World and removed unnecessary rocks and mountain area

Dont miss out on all the fun we're about the have this week!

Posted by: God qut on 24.2.2017

A big chump of general fixes and changes

Come enjoy the newb wars and exp raids this weekend with us!

General Updates
- Fixed a glitch with 254 being the maximum character Age
- Fixed issues with a few levers at the Zeniths Upgrade Quest
- Fixed a bug with task points not showing in Task channel when maxed out
- Fixed issues with Xapter's spawn time at the new Quest
- Fixed all double weapon bugs with new Spears & Wands
- Fixed multiple bugs around the map in new areas (Steel Spear / Zenith Quest)
- Added an automated Broadcaster that shows important info about Outcast
- Added a teleport to Bear Mountainia at Tarid that leads back to Vroengard DP
- Added Xapter, Surphyre and Andromeda Draconis to task points list
- Added new Playlist to our new Youtube channel at
- Added a !spells command that explains how to open the in-game spellbook
- Added !spells command to the !commands list for better visibility
- Changed lever system at the Zeniths Upgrade Quest to a better one

Get online and get your grind on for the weekend!

Posted by: God qut on 10.2.2017

New quests, new gear and a few events

Watch out for the new epic level bosses, they are no joke

General Updates
- Added a massive quest to Lithgow for upgrading the Zenith's Set
- Added a quest for Steel Spear to the southern part of the Jungle
- Added 2 extremely strong bosses called Xapter & Andromeda Draconis
- Added 5 new EXP Raid bosses for events
- Fixed issues with Zombies not seeing invisible players in the events
- Fixed a glitch where Zombies would target player's summons instead of players
- Fixed issue with Edron Pass not disabling properly if a player was online
- Changed Warmode time from 14 days to infinite, you now have to disable it manually
- Updated Warmode texts and information to reflect this new change
- Disabling Warmode now costs 50k and you cannot be PZed
- Updated random Task system's level stages
- Moved Patriarch Scorcher Task NPC to upstairs of Vroengard's Temple

New Youtube Channel
Our new Youtube channel has various content in it such as Quest Guides, Hunting Spot Guides, PvP & War Movies and also old school Tibia Movies from different Tibia worlds. The channels purpose is to provide tutorials and guides for Outcastians and also high quality entertainment. We'll be uploading new content daily so remember to subscribe! :)

Level up during the EXP Raid and go wild in the Newb Wars afterwards!

Posted by: God qut on 15.1.2017

Events, events and more events!

This weekend we'll be battling for our dear lives, get ready!

General Updates
- Added an automated Zombie event that is held every 2 hours
- Added 3 new automated Raids that happen at random times
- Added a feature to earn free Shop Points by gaining age
- Added a statue to Temple&Depot where free points can be cashed out
- Added !bless command for purchasing blessing amulets more easily
- Added a new "Task" channel that shows progress for various tasks
- Enabled Follow feature to be used when player has no PZ lock
- Expanded Aberon's warlock spawn
- Added feature to disable Warmode by saying !warmode off
- Extended Warmode time from 7 days to 14 days
- Disabling Warmode now costs 50k and you cannot be PZed
- Updated random Task system's level stages
- Moved Patriarch Scorcher Task NPC to upstairs of Vroengard's Temple
- Fixed issues with Female outfits being useable withour age requirement
- Modified and balanced the starting gear of newly made characters
- Fixed an issue with players sometimes speaking in red in Trade channel
- Updated !commands to show all current commands and what they do
- Fixed a bug where white skull would disappear when enabling Warmode

Level up during the EXP Raid and go wild in the Newb Wars afterwards!

Posted by: God qut on 9.12.2016

A small Friday patch

Improved gameplay in multiple ways, fixed minor map bugs

General Updates
- New & Enhanced !online list, (Vocation, Level, Age)
- Added "Customized Houses with Monks & NPCs" option to Shop
- All EXP Vouchers have been made 40% better compared to previous EXP multipliers
- Added a new floor for dueling to the legendary "man cave" at Vroengard
- Fixed a map bug causing an UH trap at the Dark Star Set quest
- Ring of Healing now stops glimmering correctly at all times
- Exura can now be used by all vocations at all levels
- Fixed a bug with mana not being full when dying without losing levels
- Added a new type of Outfit system where all outfits are visible when browsing them
- A new type of info message is shown when trying to choose an outfit that isnt available
- Level loss is now visible on top of "You are dead." message when dying
- Information regarding power abusing and player killing is now visible when dying
- Improved death loss for lower levels, death loss is a tad smaller for low levels
- Added !rs as a new command to check your red skull time, similar to !skull
- Edited old ban time message that was showing wrong values
- Vocation specific magic level limits have all been raised higher

Hop in and enjoy the epic adventures on the lands of Outcast!

Posted by: God qut on 20.11.2016

Fun events and small fixes!

Newbie character battles are closing in, come join the fun!

General Updates
- The whole Shop page has been updated and re-organized.
- Added 4 new Shop items that can also be looted from various boss monsters
- Ring of the Phantom, Finger Ring of the Hasty, Backpack of the Gods & Fire Mushroom
- Boots of Purple Blood are now as good as Pink Bunny Slippers & Zeniths Boots
- Crystal Arrow is now equal to Golden Spear in terms of damage
- Fixed a bug with PZ & Skull not leaving when dying on PvP Arena
- When dying on arena, players now lose PZ & Skull instantly
- Added more essential information to the !info command
- Added "Hours spent online" & "Days Spent Online" to Characters page
- Added more guides to the Outcast's Official Tutorial & Wiki Forum section
- Fixed multiple overspawns around Snowmania, Tarid & Edron

Join us and experience the wildest and most awesome battles of your life!

Posted by: God qut on 22.9.2016

The updates will never stop flowing in!

A great amount features have once again been added

General Updates
- All Collectibles can now be sold to Will Meridian
- Fixed grammatical errors in Collectible names
- Added description to all Collectibles explaining their purpose
- Added a "News & Updates" pop up window that appears when logging in
- Added a feature where all gamemasters appear in red text when talking in any chat
- Fixed a bug that caused the last outfits for players obtainable by age to not appear
- Fixed a bug where black skull wouldnt appear instantly when enabling Warmode
- Fixed a major bug regarding summons and being able to kill low levels with them
- Tweaked spell formulas for people with extremely high magic levels
- Warmode, redskull & ban times are now correctly displayed for players on the website

Map Updates
- Added a sign pointing to Qutor's Grove in Temple/Depot
- Added clearer paths to hunt spots in Fendal and Tarid
- Fixed and changed multiple World teleport landing locations
- Tweaked and repaired over 35 other spawns all around the map
- Ezoland: Added more monsters to the infamous Lizard spawn
- Tarid: Added new Centaur, Ent, Hydra, Hero & Draconis spawns
- Fendal: Added new Dragon & Dragon Lord spawns

We, the Staff of Outcast, hope you will find infinite enjoyment in here! :)

Posted by: God qut on 14.9.2016

More EXP Raids, Boosted EXP & Lootrate

Its a great moment to get yourself leveled and geared up!

EXP Raid (Event has been held)
What is an EXP Raid?
EXP Raid is a great chance to grab some easy levels and win special rewards. Multiple special custom monsters will be summoned near the depot & temple area for people to kill. People who participate the raid can also win things such as "Exp Boost 4" and various other donor gear by simply joining the event. PvP is always off during these raids.

Other Events
- Highered EXP rates are already activated for levels between 8 to 300
- Party EXP Share Bonus has been boosted from 10% to 25%
- There will be a countdown for the momentarily boosted Loot rates
- Double loot will only be activated for small periods of time

Its the right time for an epic & mystical adventure to begin! :)

Posted by: God qut on 7.9.2016

Some small-time changes to the gameplay

Fixes in the skull and NPC systems

Skull System Updates
- Everyones Red Skulls have been removed due to the new changes
- Fixed a bug with Yellow Skulls randomly disappearing when changing levels
- White Skulls now only disappear when a player loses protection zone lock
- Red Skulls last 10 days instead of 30 hours from now on
- There is no need to be online anymore to lose redskull
- !skull command shows the date when your Red Skull will automatically disappear

Minor Updates
- All rune sellers now sell destroy fields, 1 or 10 at a time
- Scythes, machetes and pots can now be bought from Al Estwel and similar NPCs
- Collectibles buyer now purchases Black Wool & Demon Dust
- Multiple other small time general fixes for the map and game were made as well

Hop in and enjoy the epic adventures on the lands of Outcast!

Posted by: God qut on 24.8.2016

Events, rewards and a few updates

A great time to catch some easy levels and win epic rewards!

EXP Raid (This event has finished)
What is an EXP Raid?
EXP Raid is a great chance to grab some easy levels and win special rewards. Multiple special custom monsters will be summoned near the depot & temple area for people to kill. People who participate the raid can also win things such as "Exp Boost 4" and various other donor gear by simply joining the event. PvP is always off during these raids.

Other Events
- As mentioned previously, every EXP Raid participant can win Exp Boosts and donor gear
- Highered EXP rates and a doubled loot rate will also be activated during the week
- There will be a countdown for the momentarily highered EXP & Loot rates
- Double loot will only be activated for small periods of time

General Updates
- All portals in the "World" are now protection zoned
- Energy Bomb time has been raised from 20 seconds to 50 seconds
- Magicwalls can now be used in combination with energy bombs to stay on longer
- Ban duration from excessive player killing has been raised from 1 day to 7 days
- Creature Illusion (utevo res ina) spell lasts for 5 minutes now
- Shortened text in signs all around to make them clearer
- Mad Cow does not give task points anymore due to its abuse potential

Jump in and grab a few levels and win some donor gear at the epic events!

Posted by: God qut on 18.6.2016

UEFA Euro 2016 FOOTBALL Update

A small Saturday update to get the ball rolling!

An Updated Outcast Client
- Download the updated Client from here
- Various new graphics were added to the client
- New outfits, items, animations & monsters
- Multiple performance improvements done to client
- Fixed a crash in Client when saving minimap

General Updates
- Added a Football arena that can be accessed through a teleport downstairs of Temple
- Added a new Football quest with new monsters accessible from the teleporter world
- Added NPC Will Meridian to the west of Temple/Depot that buys all collectibles
- Fixed a glitch with players facing wrong direction when going down stairs
- Added new boss monsters designed for EXP Raids
- Added multiple new footballer monsters
- Added a new footballer outfit for all players
- Fixed Ashtar & Gryphon overspawn at Edron
- Fixed and corrected outdated information in !info UI

- Football events will be held during the UEFA Euro 2016
- EXP Raids with new raid monsters will be held during the weekend

EXP Boost
- EXP Boost has been activated for levels 8-300
- Party share EXP has also been boosted momentarily
- The EXP Boost is currently activated and will end on Monday

Keep your eyes open for the next announcement about a huge update!

Posted by: God qut on 30.5.2016

More fixes before the big bang

What is the big bang? You will hear more about it soon enough!

General Updates
- Removed !task redskull command due to excessive player killing
- Raised redskull removal price from 130cc to 200cc from NPC Don Torso
- Fixed problems with logging in to a spot that was completely filled
- Fixed Valmoor draconis spot map bugs
- Adjusted glitched Adonis and King Yetiroth drop rates
- Fixed Ent overspawn at Edron
- Lowered the damage done by fields to monsters
- Added more optimized and useful training spots at Age 2 area

A major announcement regarding future updates will be done soon!

Posted by: God qut on 19.5.2016

Small updates for this Friday

Fixes, improvements and general updates

General Updates
- All tasks can now be cancelled for a cost by talking to NPC Patriarch Scorcher
- A player must say "cancel task" to the NPC for additional information
- Added a new Trade channel but it has to be manually opened for the time being
- Lootrates for all Collectibles have been highered, especially ones for bosses
- Lootrates of Dark Star Armor & Helmet have been highered
- Fixed glitchy spawn time of various monsters in Edron
- Players under PvP level will not get PZ or skull in any situation any more
- Added fire, poison and electricity resistance to some monsters (Ashtar, Oxidian, Scylla)
- Various other small updates & fixes were done to the server
- Fixed strike tag on forum

Have a nice weekend, dear Outcastians!

Posted by: God qut on 10.5.2016

Awesome updates on a lovely Friday

New tasks, boss monsters, quests and various other things

New & Updated Task System
- There will be over +60 new and exciting tasks of different types
- The task difficulty will be assigned based on a players level
- Specific tasks can also be chosen after more tasking experience
- Task rewards vary from task points to different kinds of new items
- Collectibles can now be used for completing various tasks
- Tasks can be activated by talking to a new NPC
- Task NPC called Patriarch Scorcher can be found from Qutor's Grove
- Click this to see which monsters drop collectibles

Quests & Boss Monsters
- 6 new quests will be added all around the map
- 7 completely new boss monsters will be added to the quests
- Some of the new bosses will also spawn randomly at secret locations
- A few new quests are at hidden spots and require extensive exploring to be found

General Updates
- Fixed a problem with Exeta Res range
- Fixed various overspawns all around the map
- Updated wrong information in !task UI
- Updated more boss monster loots
- Added more new items and sets to boss monster drops
- Train Monks are now immune to invisibility
- Fixed minor map bugs in Vroengard & Qutor's Grove
- Added more stairs to Edron DHQ entrance
- Snowmania level door has been unlocked
- Added the amount of tasks completed to the Highscores
- Click this to see the new Highscores page

Get in and start the grinding like never before on Friday!

Posted by: God qut on 30.4.2016

The updates just keep coming!

Exp Boosts, +70 lootable collectibles, bug fixes & general updates

Updates to the Client
- Download the updated Client by clicking this!
- Improved FPS for some low-end PCs
- Multiple minor stability fixes

EXP Boost Weekend
- The EXP Rates will be boosted for players between level 8-200
- Party share EXP will be boosted for everyone between 8-300 levels

+70 New Collectibles
- Over 70 new collectible items can now be looted
- Various monsters of all types now drop these collectible items
- The collectibles can be used for quests, tasks and getting new sets & items

General Updates
- Fixed & Updated Morgaroth & Xarptor spawns at Edron
- Fixed various different types of glitches at Edron and Qutor's Grove
- Fixed a bug where enabling Warmode would remove a players redskull
- Updated !task UI and fixed a few grammatical errors
- Highered price of skull / frag removal from 70cc to 135cc on NPC Don Torso

Future Updates
- 10 New tasks, 5 new quests and various boss monsters will be released next week
- More information regarding new sets & items will be released next week as well
- Task system will have instructions on how to obtain some of the new sets
- New Outfits will be added, obtainable with task points and also by gaining age

Start looting the collectibles and work your way up to the new sets! :)

Happy 1st of May, we'll definitely be celebrating it here at the Outcast!

Posted by: God qut on 20.4.2016

Exciting content added this weekend!

Qutor's Grove, Edron, New Items, Tasks & Quests

New Areas: Qutor's Grove & Edron
- Qutor's Grove (formerly known as V.I.P Island) & Edron will be opened on Friday
- Qutor's Grove & Edron will both contain new unseen monsters, bosses as well as quests
- Multiple new, big, expensive and fine looking houses with monks will be available for all
- These areas are free for everyone to access but there will be requirements for Edron
- Start preparing by gathering task points and crystal coins for the weekend!

New Items, Tasks & Quests
- Over 15 new sets (Armors, Legs, Weapons, Boots, etc.) will be released
- Some sets will be vocation specific and give special abilities
- All of the new sets and weapons will be obtainable for free ingame
- A few new sets and items will be added to the SHOP too but they will also be lootable
- Multiple new ways to obtain the brand new items, such as Tasks, Quests & Looting

Special Events This Weekend
- Events of all types will be held throughout the weekend at completely random times
- You will be able to win donor/shop items and EXP Vouchers/boosts from events
- No specific time has been set for any of the events so stay online

Get your share of the loot and exp this weekend!

Load your guns this weekend for the next week's surprises!

Posted by: God qut on 15.4.2016

Awesome events happening this weekend!

Double Exp & Loot, Events, Raids

Exp Boost Countdown
The EXP rates will be momentarily higher from today until tomorrow!
It is higher for everyone between 8-200 levels, party share exp bonus is 25% higher too.
It will be much easier to get started so create your characters quickly!

Double Lootrate Countdown
The lootrate will be doubled on Sunday!
Start looting the rarest items on Outcast and get rich!

Special Events
- Events of all types will be held throughout the weekend at completely random times
- You will be able to win donor/shop items and EXP Vouchers/boosts from events
- No specific time has been set for any of the events so stay online

Future Updates
- Qutor's Grove (formerly known as the VIP Island) and Edron will both be introduced into
- the game early next week so get your levels up to battle with the greatest monsters!
- Multiple new Sets and items for all vocations will also be added next week
- New tasks & quests will be added (related to the new sets and items)
- New raid bosses and other bosses will be added all around the map

Get your share of the loot and exp this weekend! :)

Load your guns this weekend for the next week's surprises!

Posted by: God qut on 13.4.2016

A bunch of important fixes added!

Frags, Skulls and Party Share EXP.

Warmode & Frag Updates
- Everyone's frags and skulls have been removed
- Fixed a bug where fragtime would reset when dying
- Everyone's Warmode has been disabled, you have to re-enabled it.
- Players who are in Warmode now have a black skull next to their names
- Warmode will now automatically leave in 7 days after activating

Party share EXP updates
- Party share EXP has been enabled, it activates automatically in party
- Party EXP share also has a range to it, so you have to stay close to your team
- Everyone gains EXP in a party based on their own rates now

General Updates
- The demons will spawn at a normal rate again at Demon Hell's huntspot
- The demon spawn at Demon Hell has been modified rather heavily
- More training monks added under the Temple/Depot area
- Fixed multiple small map bugs all around that were reported by players

Have fun and remember to enjoy the Outcast experience to its maximum! :)

Let the battles begin on the sacred lands of the Outcast!

Posted by: God qut on 10.4.2016

More updates for the community!

The following things were fixed

- A more optimized Client has been released (Faster walking, movement, better ping)
- Download the new Client by clicking this!
- Cap is now visible in the client's Health Info window
- EXP Rate after level 200 has been raised to 3x

Next week multiple new cool features will be added to the Outcast! Qutor's Grove (formerly known as the VIP Island) and Edron will be opened for everyone to access. These areas include a huge amount of boss monsters as well as other new and unseen creatures. Party EXP share will also be enabled and some adjustments will be made into the skull/frag system.

As of today, there will also be quite a few different kinds of events and raids so stay tuned and be online and ready! :)

Load your bags full of runes because we're going hunting!

Posted by: God qut on 6.4.2016

A couple of simple updates today!

The following things were changed

- !warmode for people who are interested in battling it out! (say !warmode to get info)
- Read more about the Warmode by clicking this!
- Added a few new items to the shop as requested (Capboost, Frag Removal, Donor BP)
- Elemental Draconis, The Old Widow and a few other monsters now give task points
- Fixed a couple of visual bugs in the map
- New network optimizations to ensure a lagless gaming environment

Get online and enjoy the realest Open-Tibia experience!