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    Outcast 7.6

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General information about the Outcast Open-Tibia 7.6 Server.


Outcast's Official Youtube Channel
You can find Quest Guides, Hunting Spot Tutorials, PvP Videos and other old Tibia Movies from the Outcast's Official Youtube Channel. (Click Here)

The Minimap of the Outcast Open-Tibia 7.6 Server
You will be able to view all the parts of the Outcast and also read a couple of important tips for beginners. Visit the following page to get a better understanding of the Outcast.

Outcast Minimap + Guide (Click Here)

These 3 commands will show you multiple important things about the Outcast!

When you use this command ingame, it will show you everything that is generally important to know. EXP Rates, skull times, frag times & other things.

This command will show you a list of every single command available in the game, and theres a huge variety of them so check them out!

This useful command will show you all there is to know about the Task System and how to take an advantage of it!
Check out the complete tutorial for using the Task System by clicking here.

Useful information regarding the Age System, rune charges, unlocking new areas and new outfits.

You can stay online anywhere without getting kicked for as long as you want. But if you exit, disconnect or close the client, you will be kicked within 15 minutes. You must keep the client on and stay connected to the Outcast and you will NOT be kicked. This is extremely useful for training, gaining age and staying online more.

How to gain age: You must stay online for 24h per 1 age.

Say !time to see how long youve stayed online.

The more age you get, the more benefits you get. You will be able to get new, awesome Outfits as you gain more age. You will also get more charges to runes when buying them from the shop and when creating them by yourself. You will also be able to unlock new areas and access to new quests if you gain more age.

With more age you get more charges to runes when buying them from the show: Age 1-2: 40x, Age 3-4: 55x, Age 5-9: 60x, Age 10-12: 80x. Age 12+: 100x.

You also get more charges when creating runes when you have more age: Per every age you get +10 charges added to all the runes you create. Age 1: 20x, Age 2: 30x and so on, until you reach Age 10 which is 100x.

Outcast Client's Useful Hotkeys & Information

Enable WASD + QEZC Diagonal walk: Check checkbox next to Default Chat tab
Tutorial here to enable Left Panel in Client
Open Spell book in Client: Click the Spell book image on the upper right corner
Change graphics Engine: Use Outcast.exe for OpenGL and OutcastX.exe for DirectX9
It is a good idea to try both of the graphics engines and use the one you have higher FPS on.
Enable light hack: Go to Options->Graphics and untick Enable Lights box.
CTRL+SHIFT+F: Fullscreen Mode
CTRL+K: Hotkey Manager
CTRL+SHIFT+M Fullscreen Minimap
CTRL+M Minimap Window
CTRL+G Character Window
CTRL+I Inventory Window
CTRL+B Battle Window
CTRL+S Skills Window

The information page will be updated to include everything soon...